10 best nintendo ds games ever

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new super mario bros - This is the reason you got a DS! Nintendo hit a home run with this one! This has little elements of all the great SMB games, and is new enough to be a natural sequel to Super Mario World

fianl fantasy - A better than perfect reproduction of a SNES classic! You may not be a fan of the genre, but you're crazy if you don't try this out. Square Enix nailed this one

mario and luigi - A great little RPG. It's humorous, and it's satisfying all the way to the end. If you like to spend a lot of tine on RPGs, this game is for you! For me, it was the banter between Mario and Luigi (and the babies) that hooked me. Cracks me up everytime

trauma centre under the knife - It's engaging, and the last surgery is so hard it'll be quite a feeling of accomplishment when (and if) you finally get all the way through. Nothing like fixing broken arms and fighting infections! No PhD required

mario kart ds - True to the Wii version, you'll have fun battling it out alone or against online players from all over the world! Missions and circuits are a great touch! The drifting is a little difficult, but you'll pick it up quickly

tetris ds - Holy smokes! If this isn't the best rendition of Tetris you've ever played, I'll eat my hat! Wait... I don't wear a hat. You'll love it though... Online or offline! Download & Play is a good thing... Especially when it's done this well. Who doesn't love Tetris

fianl fantasy tactic 2 - Where did this game come from? It's a better-than-great little strategy game for DS. Give yourself a few months to beat it! With all the jobs and classes available and over 300 missions, it's a great investment

mario and sonic at the olympics - Another made-for-excitement Mario game! If you're not ready to let the Beijing Olympics go, give this a run. Some events are easier than others, but all of them are great fun! The use of the touchscreen really amazed me. Almost as great as the Wii version

mario party ds - This game is great for everything! Download & Play features, addictiveness... It's got a lot of the elements you're used to, and a few surprises. Get 4 players in on one cart and you're in for a real battle! Think you can get the most stars

pokemon pearl - If you're into Pokemon, this game is a huge hit! If you're not, you may find yourself getting addicted anyway. A great little RPG. It's where you fit in right? You don't have to think the critters are 'cute and cuddly' to see the charm here. Of course, I could say that about any version of Pokemon

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