10 ways to help stop boredom

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Are you currently on vacation? Perhaps you are on sick leave or school or university break and have discovered for the first time in a long time you don't know what to do with yourself! Are you suffering from the detremental effects of excess time on your hands? Look no further! Those of us who have recently felt the damage of alot of time on one's hands and discovered how to cure this maddening situation would like to share with you a few ways to cure severe boredom!

Here are ten very useful suggestions to help cure boredomitis:

1)Surf the net. Randomly pull out three words from your dictionary and look them up together on the internet and see what you get! Entertainment central!

2)Go through all those old boxes in your garage. (You know, those ones that you vowed to sort out years ago!) Put your hand into each box and pull out one item without looking. Line these items up chronologically in order of when you got them. If this doesn't entertain you then make up a ficticious story about all of these items!

3)Empty your wallet/purse. Pull out all the coins and order them into groups of year of mintage. Then go and spend them on some sweets at the local corner store! (There's nothing more entertaining than eating sweets!)

4)Have a disney movie marathon. Gotta love disney! Keeps me from boredom every time!

5)Get some mates and go down to the local park with a couple of tennis balls, a soccer ball, a hockey stick, a few tennis rackets and a basketball (or whatever random sports equipment you can find!) Now use these to create a new game! (Consider using a mix of rules, moves and terminology from each sports equipment used!)

6)Grab your hairbrush, a (insert your favourite band here) cd and rock your socks off! Good exercise too.

7)Come up with a new theory of existance. That'll keep you going for years...I assure you.

8)Pull out three old puzzles. Put all the pieces into a box, mix them up and then try and solve all three puzzles! It will definatly keep you busy (although maybe not entertained...)

9)Think of your favourite TV show. Invent a new character and write a script involving this new character. There's nothing like your imagination to entertain you!

10)Sleep. The old favourite for passing time fast!

So now you've got some suggestions its time to go and cure your boredom! Good luck!


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