100 mills .999 silver bars FAKES NOT BULLION

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Just a note to  silver investors - currently on eBay there are
"100 mills" silver bars available. These are NOT silver bars, despite being labelled 999 and 1 troy ounce. what are they really worth ? less than 10cents to produce each 

100mills bars and rounds or coins ect Essentially these are silver plated copper bars, with the silver plate supposedly being 100 mills thick. Now there's no such measurement as a "mill" (at least not that I can find a definition for) - however there is a measurement known as a "mil", also known as a "thou" - which is 1/1000th of an inch - so 100 mils would be 2.54mm. If a bar is 100 mils plated (on both sides) then over 5mm of the overall thickness would be silver....

100mills well avoid these bars they are all FAKES  - they are NOT bullion, they are NOT REAL or investment grade, and are absolutely worthless. Experienced silver buyers know this already, but such sellers prey on the uninformed to buy their rubbish silver plated items being sold as bullion, with no explanation that they are plated

Now a typical silver 1 ounce bar has the following dimensions: 50mm high x 29mm wide x 2.10mm thick... these bars measure 50mm x 28mm (essentially the same), yet the claimed thickness of the silver plating alone is over twice the thickness of a genuine bar!

go out ya backyard and dig me up an ounce of  silver and i will give you $25 bucks for all your trouble ....remember to call the council BEFORE YOU DIG .....,,,,you wont find any but have fun trying i will sell you my favourite  silver finding shovel for $100 bux well atleast you get a real shovel not a  100mills shovel

if you've found this guide you smart enough to know real from fake just by doing a little research and your smart enough to read the next bit !!! real silver is currently  rising and silver is going to rise even more ,,,,ALOT MORE

silver will reach $150 USD per ounce quicker than your heads can spin ,think of it like this when was the last time you went out the back yard and found a nugget ? or know someone that has ? NEVER,,,

 ... silver in its raw form and the mines that it comes from are  becoming very rare and depleting fast..silver is the new gold  your average worker wanting to invest cant afford a kilo of GOLD at $$$$ per kilo  but they can afford 1kg silver bars on ebay for around $1000 give or take....the world has more poor than wealthy so its just plain simple that they can  afford to invest in cheaper silver so they buy silver .....

.gold is steady and will rise as it always has but SILVER is ready for a worldwide bullrush that wont stop for the next 50 years until  it hits $1000 USD per ounce ???   think im crazy ? i remind you that 50 years ago GOLD was less than $25 ounce,,,, any ya'll got a time machine i can borrow

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