11.22.63 by Stephen King Review

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This novel is a work of sheer genius ! But there is a big BUT here ! I got the novel of 700 pages , because I am a fan of time travel stories such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Time Traveller's Wife . Of course , there are many others . This novel , 11.22.63 , received good reviews from the New York Times and the Washington Post , so I obtained a copy through an Amazon Store on Ebay . What I was looking for was a story about time travellers trying to correct disasters in their own history , a mystery thriller of sorts with ramifications . Stephen King's work certainly fits the bill , but his main forte is as a horror master , and this new novel is just that . Every decent person in this story gets their penance , their journey ending in disaster as it were ! It starts lightly at the beginning with our hero's marriage breaking down with his wife's terminal alchoholism ! The strong theme of time travel is the universe reacting against someone being out of place and out of time , and is well represented in this story . Also is the feeling for the traveller being somewhere he shouldn't be and trying to adapt . A fair distance into this novel , I thought this would make a great movie , but in retrospection it is very violent . Nature wars against this traveller and everyone is affected . It also deals strongly with the survivor in spiritually barren cityscapes and human interaction isn't always nice , the results being very nasty . There is a lot to like , and some not to , about this novel , because I would have liked the movie ! But if you don't like horror , you shouldn't read it !
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