12 Essential Accessories for Your Chainsaw

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12 Essential Accessories for Your Chainsaw

Anyone who owns a chainsaw needs several accessories to keep the teeth sharp, the bar guide true, and the chainsaw in good working condition. These accessories can include files designed to sharpen the saw teeth, and tools to help the owner sharpen these teeth at the proper angle. In addition, chainsaw owners need to take time to clean and maintain their chainsaws with certain accessories after each use. This can include placing the chain in oil to keep it from corroding. Besides the standard gloves, safety goggles, and face shield, these other accessories are essential to keeping the chainsaw in operation. Consider purchasing essential chainsaw accessories from retail and hardware stores, chainsaw manufacturers, online stores, and listing sites like eBay.

Chain Saw Files

Every chainsaw owner needs a few good chainsaws on hand to keep the chain teeth sharp and effective. Manufacturers have created several designs of saw files for different purposes and types of chain saws.

1. Round

Spiral cut round files are designed to sharpen the teeth on round hooded and semi-chisel chain saw teeth. The round shape helps maintain the convex shape of the chain saw teeth and also gives them a smooth, scratch free finish.

2. Standard Cut

The long, thin standard cut file performs the fastest at filing down and sharpening chain saw teeth. This file features an aggressive tooth pattern that removes the most filings per stroke compared to other file types.

3. Smooth Cut

The smooth cut file is a finer grain that removes less of the chain saw tooth per stroke. It is useful for chain saw owners who like to sharpen the teeth frequently, by not taking off as much material and extending the life of the teeth. A smooth cut file can also help experienced users achieve a much finer edge.

4. Files and Filing Accessories

These accessories are designed to be used with the chainsaw files or in place of them. Handles, file guides, and grinding wheels are all helpful accessories to have on hand.

Chisel Bit File

The chisel bit file is designed for use on square chisel chains. There are two main styles of chisel bit file, the flat and the three sided. The flat file is easier for beginners and helps sharpen the cutter while also lowering the depth gauge. The three sided file takes more practice and is most popular on the point nine five centimetre chain.

Flat Files

Flat files generally feature two rounded edges on the short sides and a standard filing grain on the two long sides. The rounded edges help prevent accidental gouging of the teeth and extend the lifespan of the chain. It can also improve the user's ability to properly correct the depth gauges.

File Handles

Nearly all chainsaw files are sold without a handle or have a separate removable handle to use with different files. File handles are round, slightly bulb shaped and easily slip on and secure the file. They are available in plastic or wood.

File Guide

When hand filing the teeth on a chainsaw chain, the file guide ensures that the teeth are filed at the correct angle. This nifty device resembles a coping saw, but instead of a saw blade, the device holds a file. The file guide also features a bar that slides over the bar guide to hold the file steady.

5. Grinding Wheels

In conjunction with files, chainsaw owners can also use grinding wheels to keep the teeth on their chainsaws sharp. Grinders allow for fast filing, burr removal, and sharpening of the chain without the effort. Grinding wheels are available in different grits from coarse to fine to create a finely polished, sharp edge.

6. Bar Conditioner

A bar conditioner is essential for keeping the chainsaw bar guide smooth, free of burrs, and properly angled. Use the conditioner on the bar guide after the chainsaw has been in use for several hours. The bar conditioner is usually designed to open easily to flip the file to a fresh side for an extended lifespan.

Adjustment Tools

Owning a chainsaw is more than just keeping its teeth sharp. It is also about maintaining the mechanicals that operate the chainsaw. The owner should replace certain parts on a chainsaw at regular intervals, such as the muffler and the air filter. Ideally, these parts are kept on hand for quick replacement.

7. Pocket Chain Breaker

After a long period of use, a saw chain must be repaired or even replaced to get it back into top cutting shape. This means loosening and replacing the chain or links in the chain with a pocket chain breaker. A pocket chain breaker quickly knocks out the rivets in a chain using an anvil and punch. Most anvils have several grooves for different sizes of chains.

8. Spark Plugs

Chainsaw owners should also keep a couple of spare spark plugs on hand. These plugs are essential for delivering the electrical spark that ignites the gas in the chainsaw motor. If the chainsaw fails to turn over and has plenty of gas, it may be the spark plug needs replacing.

9. Chain Oil

To help encourage the smooth operation of the chainsaw, use chain oil to help keep the chain lubricated. It also helps to store the chain in chain oil when the saw is not in use to preserve corrosion. Chain oil is different from motor oil used in the chainsaw motor.

10. Air Filter

It is recommended that the chainsaw air filter be replaced once a year to keep the chainsaw in excellent condition. The filter helps keep sawdust created by cutting wood from getting into the interior of the chainsaw. This filter prevents the motor and other mechanical parts from getting clogged and no longer working. Keep an extra filter on hand for when the old one needs replacing.

11. Sprockets

Every chainsaw needs a good sprocket to drive the cutting chain around the bar guide at high speeds. This sprocket is like the flywheel in a car. The motor drives the sprocket and the sprocket drives the chain. It is recommended that the sprocket be changed out with each new saw chain, to ensure proper operation of the chainsaw.

12. Muffler

The muffler funnels carbon dioxide away from the chainsaw motor and into the air. It also allows fresh oxygen to move into the motor for combustion via vents in the casing. Sometimes the muffler needs to be replaced due to damage to the exterior of the casing or wear and tear. Keep an extra one to change out the muffler rather than having to wait for delivery of a new part.

How to Buy Chainsaw Accessories on eBay

You can find plenty of chainsaw accessories on eBay through private sellers and dealers. To find the items you want more quickly, use the eBay search engine. This engine is a fast way to look for specific accessories for the chainsaw without having to look through several categories. The eBay search engine is simple to use. Just enter in your preferred search term, such as "Stihl chainsaw file", and the engine searches through the thousands of listings on the site for matching products and returns them to you.

Deals on eBay

The eBay Deals section of the site is a good way to save extra cash on chainsaws, accessories, and other outdoor items. These deals are on items with extra savings over the normal listing price or even with free shipping.


The chainsaw is an extremely helpful piece of equipment for forestry. It is also a piece of equipment that requires lots of maintenance and attention to run properly. Chainsaw owners need extra parts and equipment to replace any that might break down and wear out. For instance, it is recommended that the air filter be replaced annually. Chainsaw owners also need good files and filing tools to keep the teeth, saw chain, and the bar guide in top condition. It is a good idea to keep a few different types of files on hand, especially when working with different types of chainsaws. Buyers should check eBay, where all of these accessories can be found quickly and easily at affordable prices.

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