15 Ways to Save on Your Wedding

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Your wedding will perhaps be the biggest, most lavish and most expensive party you’ll ever have. However, it’s also unwise to blow so much money in one night -and worse -getting into debt the minute you’re married.

Here are a few ways you can lessen the cost of your wedding:

1.Make good use of your family and friends. If there’s a photographer or a florist in the family, tap their services for a discount. See if people you’ve worked with before (chefs, designers, etc.) are willing to help out with a discount -or even free. Get your fianc to help out whenever he can.

2.Check out schools or student groups for photography or music. Most of them are willing to work for food in exchange for the chance to expand their folio.

3.Buy in-season flowers. Also, avoid setting your wedding date near “floral” holidays like Valentines or Mother’s Day when prices tend to rise.

4.Trim down the entourage. You’ll need just the maid of honor and one bridesmaid to assist you.

5.An adults-only wedding lessens head count.

6.Brunch/lunch menus tend to cost less than dinners.

7.Trim down the course menu. Nobody will miss the appetizer.

8.A simple, elegantly designed dress that fits well will cost less than a big, fluffy one with lots of beading.

9.Likewise, have a simple dress design for the entourage. They’ll appreciate having a dress they can wear again.

10.Give wedding favors/tokens to just the women. The men won’t miss this at all.

11.Opt for the most basic photography package. You don’t really need two wedding albums. If you have the knack for creating your own album, opt for just getting the photos.

12.Trim the guest list. People in your office won’t mind being invited, especially when you tell them you’re on a budget. Cross out anyone you’ve met just once or haven’t seen for the past three years.

13.With a more intimate guest list, save on your stationery and skip the save-the-date cards. You can notify them via email or by calling. Keep your invitation simple.

14.If you must have a band, one set will do. The rest of the evening can be covered by a DJ or an iPod.

15.Opt for a venue that requires minimal additional decoration, such as a garden or the beach.

Weddings come in all sizes and the best way to keep things manageable. Remember that while it is the Big Day, there are more exciting times ahead.


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