1945 German Sudetenland 20 Mark banknote

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Currency was and is always a mirror of social life, political and society changes.An example therefor is the hyper inflation in 1923 in Germany, but also in the late 80's in Yugoslavia.

This little guide will give you the information of one of the most overlooked German paper money history, the emergency issues of the last WWII months and specific in this case of the 1945 Sudetenland and Lower Silesia (Reichenberg) 20 Mark banknote.

Sudetenland is found in that part of Europe which used to be known as Bohemia and Moravia although its population was largely German.It has had quite a chequered 20th century history.

After the First World War it was incorporated into Czechoslovakia.Then,at the Munich Conference in 1938,the Sudeten Nazis succeeded in uniting Sudetenland with Germany.After the Second World War,it was restored to Czechoslovakia which then expelled all the German population and repopulated the area with Czechs.

The German series of banknotes includes an issue for Sudetenland.It was a very short issue indeed.It was a brown and cream 20 Mark and was issued in April 1945,just one month before the end of the war.It is known as the Sudetenland and Lower Silesia (Reichenberg) Emergency issue.

28.4.1945 Emergency issue Sudetenland and Lower Silesia (Reichenberg).Rosenberg no.:186/Pick no.:187
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