1955 Doubled Die vs. 1995 Doubled Die Lincoln Cents

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All Lincoln cent collectors are very much aware of the 1955 Doubled-Die Wheat cent (Philadelphia minted).  Definitely the King of Doubled Dies for the series. Every collector wants one, but not everyone can afford one. Nor are there enough to go around to every collector, as specialists quote a population of 8,000 to 16,000 for the 1955 Doubled Die.  When they were first discovered in 1955, most of the public regarded them as 'rejects, oddities, or imperfections', and there wasn't much interest or demand then, as the Error / Variety sector of the hobby was barely budding.

40 years later in 1995, a major doubled die was again discovered on a 1995 (Philadelphia minted) Lincoln Cent.  Not near as dramatic as the 1955 Doubled Die, but this variety stirred up a coin-collecting frenzy!  Aside from all the Numismatic Publications high-lighting this newly found variety, there were advertisements in newspapers, and even television informing the general public about them, and soon there were people everywhere flocking to their local banks in search of fresh rolls....and easily finding them!  There were so many of them turning up, the variety began to loose it's 'magic' quickly, and soon the market was flooded with them, with plenty available to go around.  Experts now estimate as many as 500,000 were struck!  There are plenty of them available for sale, and very affordable even in the highest grades.

In the 1950's a collector could purchase a 1955 Doubled Die for around $5.  Today that same coin is valued in the thousands of dollars.  On the other hand, the 1995 Doubled Die was selling in the hundreds of dollars each when first discovered, and today have lost their value with GEM BU's selling for under $100.00

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