1994 50 cent coin Wide Date Variety identification

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Australia 1994 50c coin Year of the Family
RE: Scarce " 7mm Wide date " Die variety

Some Sellers maybe? selling 1994 circulated & UNC "Standard Common 6mm narrow date" 1994 year of the family 50 cent coins as the Scarcer Variety date coin probably because most use Greg Mcdonalds pocket guides which have the wrong info in the following Guides that I have checked : 14th edition page 138 & the 15th Ed page 134 & the 2009 16th Ed page 134 and the 2010 17th Ed pg 135 18th ed pg 136,19th ed pg 136. I will continue checking new editions but if I don't buy them this will cover the later editions unless it's amended. It has Never been amended to the correct info for date widths and both coins prices. Obviously doesn't proof read their work , waiting to see if one day it's rewritten correctly because from ed 14 -16 is the biggest gobblygoog I have ever read on a variety' description and Now from ed 17 they removed all of that description and replaced it with more missinformation ,In the earlier editions the coin information is written (mixed up) wrong with regards to the normal narrow 6mm date and the Scarcer 7mm wide date variety. The text is written as if the 6mm narrow date is the scarce variety which it is not!. It's the 7mm wide date that is the scarcer variety coin to find.

Just a thought based on the guides info,If the Variety date coin as mentioned in the coin guides are the narrow 6mm then all proof sets are variety sets because no proof sets have the "scarcer 7mm wide dates" they only have the "standard common narrow 6mm dates" and remember the guides have always shown the 7mm wide date as the dearer coin (UNTIL LATER EDITIONS) but Rennicks coin guide have always shown the 7mm as dearer and states it at 7mm wide and scarce. no 5mm dates mentioned in those guides (McDonalds changed the date widths to 5mm and 6mm from 2011 18 Ed ).
The 6mm date is found on every 1994 50c coin no matter what it is presented in. McDonalds guides say 6mm date coins are scarce in circulation well I must be lucky cause 99.99% of the thousands of 1994 50c coins I have been given in my change and while searching coins have been the common 6mm dates,  the " 7mm wide date variety is not found in proof sets" , it's found in PNC's , Mint Sets & from circulation = the 7mm date coins are the Scarce ones to find. The "circulated" 7mm coins are the hardest to find at about 1x 7mm coin to every 100+ 6mm common date coins. It's named as the Scarce Wide Date for a good reason, it's Wider at 7mm across the date diaganally corner to corner \ , not Narrower at 6mm across date. And NO WAY 5MM see below about size changes

Greg McDonald guides for 2008 & 2009 & 2010 still have the coin info wrong but the 2010 17th Ed has the correct coin CV$ prices next to the correct widths of 6mm $12-16 & 7mm $18-$60 this being dearer also contridicts the earlier editions comments on the widths involved with this variety as I said above it was a load of Gobblygoog.  After all this time McDonalds have now changed the Date widths and prices around for the 2 date widths now it shows the narrow date as dearer (does anything to suit the miss info given to us)  Rennicks coin Value guides have always had the correct Prices for each coin the and the 7mm wide date always being the dearer coin and Scarcer and has correct widths 6mm and 7mm (NO 5MM date either).

Scarce variety = 7mm date. Gap is 1mm between the 2x #9's and the 94 = 19 9 4

Common date = 6mm =1994

Hope the photos and Info helps you buy a Variety 7mm date 19 9 4 coin & not a common 6mm date 1994 50c coin (unless it's in a PNC).

Below pics show the 7mm variety date to the common 6mm date.

All photos & Videos are copyrighted to me .No photos or Videos of mine are to be used anywhere without my permission.See eBay / Australian  copyright section.

below is the 7mm wide date = 1mm between 9-9 & 9-4

Please read my other write up on the 1981 canadian 3.5 claw 20c

21-8-2012 : Just an update to the 2011 18th and above editions of mcdonald coin/note guide book page 136 18 ed has gone overboard with the now changed info on these coins they have taken the word of a coin expert? who is now trying to get us to believe the narrow date is still the scarce coin and at a new length too of 5mm not 6mm and the wide date has gone from 7mm to 6mm OMG!! if info is given for an important book then someone should check it first meaning it is measured diagonally from corner to corner and guess what they measure 6mm and 7mm any metric Rule will do they're all the same. straight across date? aaaaaah no it's so uneven where's the point of measure taken from? believe me the Narrow is as common as, except for PNC's and the 7mm WIDE DATE is the scarcer variety.
5-12-2013: Nineteenth edition pg 136 still saying we have 5mm & 6mm dated 1994 50c coins.SO so wrong. So it seems I will have to post a Rule to the expert so he can measure these coins properly and GET IT RIGHT!!.

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