1998+ Old Country Roses Asian backstamps

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(Part 4 of a five part series)

(Ebay's limit is 10 pics per guide)

    so, as it was not possible to put all the relevant photos in PART 1, please read this section after Part 1, How to buy Old Country Roses - Royal Albert

As you look at the various photos on this page, you will notice that most of the Asian backstamps look very similar to the English backstamps and so to the unwary eye, it is easy to make a mistake.

Most important of all is that whenever you do not see the word ENGLAND on a backstamp, you can be sure the item is Asian and most likely INDONESIAN.

According to various sources, Royal Doulton announced on December 20, 2002 that all Old Country Roses production would be transferred to their joint factory , distribution and marketing venture with the Multifortuna Group in Indonesia.

This is not entirely accurate as there are backstamps for product made in China with a 2003 copyright marking which proves that some production was transferred to China. Whether the Chinese factory is part of the Multifortuna Group is not yet confirmed. The copyright years found on asian produced OCR are 1962, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004.

And of course, Royal Doulton was taken over by Waterford Wedgwood in January 2005. This is the sixth owner in the 44 years existance of Old Country Roses.

Particularly if you are looking for English produced OCR....make sure you check the backstamp carefully, many sellers do not think it important to mention the origin of manufacture in their description and so it is very often not in the description.




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