1999 silver proof set

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  Joel's Crystal Ball

Foresees the value of 1999 Silver Proof Set increasing significantly over the next 12 to 18 months.

His experience and foresight tells him that since every ten weeks a new state quarter is  issued, the

New Collectors from that state have to go back to the 1999-S Silver P/S to complete their


Joel recommended the 1999-S Silver Proof Set a year ago when it was $200 per set, a great deal

at the time.

Today they are selling for about $380 a set if you can find them.

In a year, they will be $500 to $600 a set.

The 1999 Silver Proof Set is the best proof set you can buy for your money.  Buy a few and watch

them go up.

Remember you saw it here first.

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