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Why doesn't the aftermarket turbo fit

  So, you've gone and purchased a nice 'bigger' turbo to stick on to your 1J vvti and the first thing you find is it won't fit onto the factory manifold, why?. The factory manifolds' turbo mounting flange is transverse to the manifold, not linear-(parallel), what this means is the turbo inlet will be pointing to the right hand front wheel instead of the front of the car and the outlet will be faced against the rocker cover. There are 2 ways to remedy. You can have an adapter made up which then poses the problem of sorting out the oil drain line and the very tight bends needed to meet the sump return or, you purchase an aftermarket top mount manifold made specifically for the 1J/2J VVTI series engines. I went the first route when I did my first upgrade, this ended up being more expensive and troublesome than the top mount manifold so this time around I've got the specifically made VVTI manifold for my shiny new Garrett GTX3582R and 50mm external wastegate, doing it this way so far has saved me hundreds and opened an easier path to make way for the other upgrades purchased to compliment the Garrett and the 50mm wastegate. 
  All the upgrades have been purchased from eBay traders and when fitted should easily make a reliable and safe 400rwhp without having to crack open the motor or having to upgrade the entire fuel system. The vehicle in question is driven to the track for Drift days and will also be entered into Targa events but will still maintain it's composure when cruising around.
  If your about to embark on upgrading your VVTI 1J/2J have a look at the eBay store of auturbo.
  A couple of other helpful eBay stores when upgrading your 1J/2J VVTI and Soarer.
   . GCG Turbochargers
   . wcpaus
   . onlineautomotiveparts
   . everything-4-everyone
   . OzAutosport
   . v10bm

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