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The tips provided are purely based on my personal views and experience, and should in no way be considered as an accurate guide or rule to buying.


Buyers don't think there is nothing to worry about sellers with 100% Positive Feedback.


There are many frauds who buy and sell very cheap items(usually very useless items like a piece of wire, some electronic parts, etc) amongst themselves or from other members to build their feedback reputation. Once substantial number of feedbacks is acquired, they put their fraudulent or non existent items up for auction (this items are usually very expensive items like Motor Bikes, Laptops, Antiques, etc.)

The patterns:

1.Short membership period (usually less than 6 months)

2.Buys and sells only dirt cheap stuff.

3.Selling something very different from the usual range.

4.Seller would make all sorts of excuses when asked to view the item, even though it is listed as located where you are.

5.Members who left feedback show similar patterns.

How to verify?

Look for the patterns. Open the "Read feedback comments" Then view every available item bought or sold, located on the right hand corner of the screen (only items bought or sold in the last few months are available to view). This history should be a very good indication of the member. To verify this even further open up the "Read feedback comments" of the members who left the comment (a fraud will have a number of feedbacks from other fraud accounts or members which show similar patterns).

When buying expensive items it is better arrange a time to view or test before committing to buy, but if the item is overseas or interstate and you still want to buy the item try testing the seller by asking him to arrange a time to view the item pretending you are also located where the item is listed.

Please report to eBay if you ever come across suspicious members with all other suspected account names from the feedback comments page, this will help eBay staff to verify and terminate this accounts before it's too late.

Tip 2

Not all Negative Feedbacks are serious allegations.


Some buyers are very fussy and leave a negative feedback for just about anything even though its got nothing to do with the seller or it was a result of one off human error on the sellers side.

How to verify?

Open the "Read feedback comments" and read the negative feedbacks.

Some examples of negative feedbacks which should be given some consideration.


"Feedback from Buyer: Item did not arrive on time..."

Sometimes postal services are to be blamed for this delays, or worst come worse in this sort of cases the dispatch from the sellers side is slow but on the brighter side the item still arrives.


"Feedback from Buyer: I never got the ..."

"Reply from Seller: Full amount refunded ..."

Waiting for a paid item that never comes can be a lot of stress, but sometimes unexpected things happen. If the above feedback type is just a one off case for the seller, it is fair to give the seller some consideration because the seller acknowledged and refunded the money. But if there is more than one of this feedback for a seller, the buyer should be cautious because the seller is either selling item which he doesn't have in hand or advertising the item multiple places.


"Feedback from Buyer: Sent the wrong color.../ send the wrong size.../ sent wrong item..."

"Reply from Seller: item exchanged.../money refunded..."

It is always annoying to get an item you paid for but in wrong specifications from the one you requested. But again it has to be taken in consideration if it has happened only once or twice and the seller acknowledged it and exchanged or refunded the item, because there are a lot of sellers on eBay who deal with high volume dispatch everyday and a small unexpected system or human error can trigger this.
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