2008 iPhone Buyer Guide for Aussie

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As we step into 2008, the rumer of iPhone's going to be released in Australia is going to be stopped by the Melbourne-based Telco gaint. Should I even need to mention who's the Big Bro in AU telecom market? If you donot have a clue...mate, have a life.
Now get back to the real thingy. Yes, iPhone, the phone that's gona  reshape the mobile phone market here, of which more than 1.4 million have been sold in the U.S. since its June 06 launch!

I have an iPhone, and I'm with Optus normal 2G, since it's unlocked, here are some finding when you are looking for the right iPhone on eBay to use with your current mobile phone plan or prepaid cards.

1. The phone has to be unlocked to be compatible with 2G network here in Australia. All mobile phones that we sell on eBay are unlocked and tested for 100% functionality. Obviously, if you are with Telstra Next G or 3G, too bad, you have to wait for the iPhone 3G version to be released. So be wise, if you are already locked up with these two plans, stay away from iPhone, or go and grab a $2 sim card from Kmart or Target etc.

2. The seller provides professional local services, who knows inside & out of how to juggle with the most powerful and must-have mobile phone in 2008. All customers that who have bought iPhones from us, are welcome to ask us any questions. Yes you maybe laughing when you think you can have the same version at $50 less, but mate, if you got stuck, those int'l sellers will turn around and politely advise you in a way of saying 'Get Lost'. So always check seller's feedback upto 3-5 pages, and see what kind of product does he/she/they sold in the past 7-10 days and what's the delivery speed and product quality. Most of all, their customer services and professionalism.

3. Be prepared as Apple is not like Nokia, it doesnot have a strong background of making mobile phones, which means there are lots of applications that currently compatible with Sybiam or Win OS is a no-go zone for iPhone. But again, Apple's big man Steve Jobs(Is that his real name? I still cannot believe) believes that it will open an new era for third party program developers to come up something very appl-rish. The iPhone we are selling, comes with 5 most popular operating system, as well as Guitar Hero III -iPhone version!!I love the game as you'll never be tired, simply download more music or transfer from your iTune library!

4.Version of iPhone, currently there are 3 versions of iPhones, 1.1.1 is the first release, which you cannot find many brand new ones on the market now, the available stocks are most likely 1.1.2 or 1.1.3. .2 Version requires a physical unlock by the right people, not just an average joe with the right tool. I paid $400 for unlocking my iPhone,now I know how to unlock an iphone as well.

So you'd ask, what does iPhone really have? Shortly we'll upload
- Unbox of iPhone by Aussie powerseller
- A close look of Safari & other app of iPhone
- How to unlock an iPhone ( nah, this is just a joke)

Visit our eBay store for some exciting offers and you'll know what I mean soon.
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