2009 Bridal Trends

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Colorful wedding dress

While the majority of wedding gowns sold are white, or a shade of white such as off white, ivory or cream, dresses in every color of the rainbow are popping up - and it’s a beautiful thing. Lets face it, white is a hard color for anyone to pull off, particularly in photographs. Once a flash hits a white dress, it’s over. But with color you don’t have this problem. What most brides don’t know, is that in the grand scheme, white is a relatively new trend.

Up until the mid-1800’s women were not married in white. This trend came from the marriage of British Royals Victoria and Albert. Victoria bucked the royal tradition of wearing silver to her wedding (white was only for coronations) and she wore a white gown. And since we in Australia took our fashion cues from Europe, the rage of the white gown began, but really didn’t gain mainstream popularity until the beginning of the 20th century. Many of our own grandmothers were married in a colored dress, since most of the time the gown worn to the wedding was simply the very best dress that the bride owned. Buying a new gown to wear once was unheard of. So apparently we have come full circle. You can now find beautiful gowns in every color imaginable. Check out our eBay store for some unique colored wedding gowns.

Flared skirt

It flares below the knee and is also known as the “Spanish style”. However the most contemporary version of this is quite crisp and constructed out of folds of fabric and not ruffles.

Big bold flowers are also all of the rage. These flowers are made of satin or chiffon. Uusally they are part of a large embellishment on the bodice, on the waist or on the rear of the gown. Sometimes this huge fabric flower is located off the side on one shoulder.

Yet another trend are flowery and sheer fabrics that have an almost peek a boo effect to them. The idea is to wear a diaphanous gown that has some innocence to it so that you look like Persephone, the Greek Goddess of Spring, walking down the aisle.
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