2G or 3G iphones...what is the difference. Jailbroken?

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Hi folks.

Well I guess you are considering spending big bucks and seeing what all the hype is about when it comes to the iphones.  Well let me give you just a little bit of advice before you go and spend your hard earned cash.  Personally I own a 16 Gig 1st generatin iphone, and I think they are worth every cent!!  I havent upgraded to the 3G for several reasons.  But more on that in a minute.

2 G iphones.  Also 2.5G iphones.  These are the first generationn iphone which was released in the USA.  The have a silver and black aluminium metal back and work on any sim card except the 3G sim cards.  They will work on ANY GSM sim worldwide even prepaid sim cards , as long as the iphone has been unlocked.  The 2G and 2.5G iphones have a metal chassis and in my opinion are just a little bit more sturdy and a bit more forgiving than the newer 3G iphone.  The absolute newest firmware...or in laymans terms it is like the software which runs the iphone, can be uploaded.  So in other words...the same firmware as the 3G iphone can run the 2G iphone and the 2.5G iphones.  I guess you have heard of JAILBROKEN but arent sure what it means??  Well, jailbroken doenst mean it is broken or it doesnt mean it has been to jail.  Just the opposite.  It has been freed to install lots of Applications , Games and Toys.  There is this little program called Installer which lets you choose what other programs you would like to run on you iphone.  There is also a newer installer called Cydia which is also a way of installing applications or Apps as they have become known as.  You dont have to pay anyone as most of these apps are free.  It is another way of installing without having to use itunes.  In fact , you dont have to be connected to a computer at all.  It is all done with the iphone.  The 2G and the 2.5G (the last of this model sold before the 3G) can be unlocked by software.  No need for turbo sim cards, or no need to have the iphone opened up and resoldered any more.  That is how they used to unlock and jailbreak the iphones.  Now days, there are several options on unlocking an iphone, but it is certainly best to do it with software.  This is usually done at the same time as Jailbreaking the iphone.  There are several programs available to unlock and jailbreak the iphone.  Winpwn, ziphone, bootneuter, just to name a few.  There are many modding websites now and if you google jailbreak and the number of your firmware, you will no doubt see a number of softwares available.  You tube is a fantastic way to learn about the iphone.  Just type in say....installing sim card....and no doubt, there will be heaps of videos already on you tube for you to watch. 

The 3G iphone at present can not be unlocked , unless done by the carrier.   If you purchase a 3G iphone from USA, chances are it will be locked to AT&T.  If you buy an Australian and a New Zealand unlocked iphone, you are pretty well right to use any sim card, including the 3 sim card world wide.  Just make sure you are buying an unlocked by the carrier iphone. ( A carrier is like Telstra or Optus or Vodaphone just to name a few)   Otherwise, it will probably come with a turbo sim card.  Sometimes problems arise with these turbo sim cards.  Not all the functions of the iphone might not work properly.  Always ask particularly of any seller if you tube works as it should.

 The latest firmware to be released by Apple is 2.1 version.  This has fixed a few of the bugs that were plaguing the 3G iphone, but my choice is still the 1st Generation iphone, which can also download this latest firmware.

The downfalls of the 3G iphone.  Well, they have a plastic back.  Either in white or in black,,,but it is still plastic and not as sturdy as the 1st generation iphone.  The 3G iphone until this latest firmware had problems with battery life.  They need charging a bit more often than alot of phones out there.  If you battery dies completely, the iphone is a sealed unit and you can not change the battery.  Apple need to do this for you.  The 3G iphone is known to drop out of phone conversations and the firmware sometimes even freezes.  In all, Apple have released an iphone that may be a little bit thinner to hold, but in my humble opinion, I like the 1st generation iphone better.  The little button on the side which turns your ringer off and on, is prone to break.  For some reason, they have made this switch of really brittle plastic, so if you have a 3G, treat it gently!

Just a point to remember.  Apple itunes .  If you upgrade by itunes, you will relock your iphone, and it will no longer be jailbroken.  All of your apps will be removed and you will have to unlock and jailbreak your iphone again.  Also, your music and videos will need to be re synced again.

Another point to remember.  If by chance you need to claim on your warranty. ....DO NOT send Apple your iphone in a Jailbroken state.  They will cancel your claim, make a note of your serial number and void your warranty.  If you need to make a claim on Apple for some reason or another, update it to the latest firmware, and leave it locked and UN jailbroken.  Then send it to Apple for repairs.

Speaking of warranty.  This is a really handy website to check if your Apple iphone is still covered by Apple warranty.

Just google .....Online Service Assistant.  This will bring up an Apple page.

Just type in your serial number and your country and it will tell you if you are eligble to claim on apples warranty.

The advantages of owning an apple iphone.  Well, do you want to change the way your phone looks??  The choices are almost infinite.  You can "Theme" your iphone to be as individual as you are.  There are apps called Customize or Summerboard or even Winterboard.  They are all apps to make your iphone as individual as you!  Halo 3 or Louis Vitton or maybe a Vending Machine...(My favorite) ...which makes all your apps look like chockies , chips and drinks!!  There are literally hundreds and hundreds of themes available for free.  Or if you feel adventurous, make your own theme!  There are even apps to do that.

Do you want to own a phone that is also an ipod?  The iphone is a cross between a phone, an ipod and a hand held computer.  You can surf the web not by wap, but by real internet.  The internet pages are exactly the same as you would see them on your laptop or your home computer!  Do you want to carry your favoritie music with you where you go??  No problembo.  Do you want to watch videos that you have downloaded.  No problembo there either.  The iphone is a mixture of all these of these.  Ipod, Phone and Computer!

Do you like games??  Dont be content with just having one or two games on your iphone.  You can download an app called NES ...Nintendo simulator ....or SNES...Super Nintendo Simulator.  And right at this very minute I have 650 NES games on my iphone.  As well as a further 100 SNES games!  Thats 750 games in all.  I will never be bored again.  That is on top of all the other app games Ive installed.  That is everything from Slot machine, black jack, tetris, jewels, solitare,  twister for your fingers, pool backgammon, chess, parking lot, and a few of the new 3D games.  Raging thunder is a car game that you tilt your iphone left and right to steer.  How kooool!   Then there is Klores which is a shoot em up game.  And this isnt even touching the surface of what games are available.

But guess what....Ive left the best till last!!  Any  musicians in the house??  Well my favorite apps are the musical ones.  I dont mean the ipod type, but get this.....want to play guitar on your iphone....well you can.  You can download a few different versions, but they all equate to the same thing....a guitar fret board that you can pluck and strum to.  Play your wicked guitar riffs or just play chords.  You can do both.  Dont play guitar...no worries.  There is also a piano keyboard., a drumkit, a Kanga, a Beatbox,  even a cowbell.  But the peace da resistance is this....its an app called BAND.  And it is just that.  A band in a box!  It has heaps of insturments to choose from.  A set of bongos.  A drumkit.  A piano, A rythm guitar, A lead guitar,  And an audience to cheer you on to!  But the absolute best is this.  12 Bar blues.  It is set out like a game board shaped like a U.  And each piece of this board is a note on a screaming blues guitar.  Then when you have worked out your solo.  Add your thumb and it plays the bass line.  then add the intro and guess what....you can record everything you play.  These not enough instruments for you in the app band....well, you can download about 20 different instruments including flute, synth, and a few silly ones like farts!  Its my all time favorite app and you would smart to track it down if you like to make music.

Well, folks.  I dont think I have forgotton much.  Ive tried to show you that the iphone is worth every cent , every second searching for the right one, and most of all, your effort and time to install the apps and themes you want to make your iphone the best fit for you.  I really love my 2.5G 16Gig iphone, and to tell you the truth, I dont think I will ever change to another phone again.  Im hooked.  And Im so hooked, that Ive decided to import the older 2G and 2.5 G iphones.  I track down mint condition iphone or absolutely brand new ones, when they are available. 

If anyone has any questions I would be happy to help.

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