3. How to attach finish off browband rosette and flag

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This is the third guide to help browband makers complete their show browband. Here you will find instructions on how to attach the rosette to the flag and browband and finish off your beautiful handiwork.

1. It is time to sew/glue the rosette to the fag. First put some double sided tape on the back of the rosette. Then stick it onto the top of the flag (illustration 15 and 16). Sew the flag backing and the rosette together as in illustration 17.
2. Only a matter of glueing or sewing any bling into place and you will have a long wearing beautiful browband for your horse.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Use the link below to go to my store where you can look at the beautiful ribbon I have for sale, especially for browband makers.
Inquiries regarding the other materials I use are also welcome.
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