3 Mobile Huawei E160G USB and Asus Eee 701 SD Netbook

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Affordable Mobile Internet

Asus Eee 701 SD Netbook With 3 Mobile Broadband Huawei E160G

February 2009

Right now this is the most affordable combination that gives you Internet access and be mobile at the same time!  Here's an example budget for your eBay shopping list:

Asus Eee PC 701SD Netbook Xandros Linux
(expect to pay $300)

3 Mobile Broadband USB Huawei E160G
(expect to pay $120)

Bootable SanDisk Ultra SD Plus USB Drive
(expect to pay $15)

Prepaid 1 month 2GB Download Allowance
(expect to pay $30)

Total: $465 - and you're now on the Internet anywhere you go!
or $800 if you bought 1 whole year of mobile Internet.

That's a great deal since $800 is the entry level price of a regular laptop!

For The Expert Computer Users Out There:
The Xandros OS that comes with the Eee 701 can also be made to connect to 3 Mobile Huawei E160G.  The steps are:
  1. Power up the Eee 701 without the E160G
  2. Once bootup finishes, plug in the E160G into an unused port
  3. Type CTRL-ALT-T
  4. In the terminal type: sudo /sbin/huaweiAktBbo
  5. In the terminal type: sudo rmmod option
  6. In the terminal type: sudo modprobe option
  7. Now click the tab named "Internet" and click the icon named "Network".  Proceed to add a new GSM/UMTS connection.  Xandros now should find the Huawei E160G.
If  you would like the above modifications to be made as a paid service you can contact the author of this guide.
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