4 Effective Bidding Strategies Explained. Bid to Win

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4 Effective Bidding Strategies Explained. Bid to Win
What is the most effective way of bidding? This is a topic that is hotly debated.
There are various approaches that people have that suits different people and different situations
1)     As soon as you decide to purchase your item, put your maximum bid on the item, and then forget about it. This in theory removes the emotional tension of living out the auction process
2)     Put a small bid on the item first to see if there is any competition. Sometimes if there are no bids on the item people looking for bargains will bid, but if they see someone else has already shown and interest and placed a bid, they will avoid the item. Then wait and watch what happens…this approach can get addictive and it is easy to become emotionally involved in the process
3)     Use sniper software to place your bid for you at the end. I would only use this if you were not really desperate to get that exact item, I have used sniper software before and it simply failed to place the bid in time before the auction ended…very disappointing. I would only use sniper software if the item was generic and if the bid failed, you still have plenty more listing to bid on
4)     Watch the listing go into the last few minutes and when your nerves cant take it any more place your maximum bid in the last minute. This method I believe is the most effective, but the draw back of it is that it is very time consuming, and you have to organize your life around auction end times.
Know what your maximum price you are willing to pay before you implement any of these bidding strategies. 
There is no one strategy that works for all situations and all people on ebay, try a few and see what works for you.
Have fun with it and happy bidding!

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