4 Steam Products

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4 Steam Products

Steam cleaning products are appliances that provide fantastic cleaning by using steam to remove stains and dirt from a whole manner of surfaces around the home including tiles, carpets, wooden floors, windows, ovens, upholstery and clothing. Steam cleaners offer lots of benefits with one being the fact that they do not require any cleaning detergent which is environmentally friendly and only need to be filled with water for a deep clean. There a few main types of steam cleaners that will be outlined in this guide and all of them can be bought or bid on in the Home & Garden: Cleaning, Housekeeping category on eBay.

What to Consider when Buying Steam Products

There a few different types of steam cleaner available on eBay but there are a few factors that need to be considered before deciding which one is the most suitable for you. The top things to consider when buying a steam cleaning product are:

Water Capacity

Steam cleaners will measure the water capacity in litres. The higher the water capacity of the steam cleaner will mean you will have to refill it less often but will be heavier when being used. Some steam cleaning products will have a dial which indicates how long the water will last for when cleaning.

Cylinder Steam Cleaners will generally have the largest water tanks as they are used to clean large surface areas. Steam Mops will have the lowest capacity and will heat up much quicker for ease of use. Most steam cleaning products will have removable water tanks for an easy refill.

Steam Time

The steam time of these cleaning products is the amount of time the cleaner can produce steam for until it runs out and needs to be refilled again. Handheld steam products will often have the least amount of steam time as they have the smallest capacities and are suitable for small tasks. There is generally a correlation between capacity and steam time. Be sure to consider what is more important to you, speed or endurance.

Heating Time

The heating time of the steaming products is the amount of time it will take for the cleaner to heat up and be ready to use.

Again, the amount of time it takes to heat up will largely depend on the capacity of the tanks as it takes longer to warm up a larger amount of water.


All of the steam cleaning products will come with various tools to help clean a large range of surfaces and materials. Larger cleaners are more suitable for cleaning floors and large kitchen surfaces whereas the smaller cleaners are more suitable for small tasks like cleaning an oven. It is important to consider what things you would like to clean with the steam cleaning product before buying.

Types of Steam Products Available on eBay

The main types of Steam Cleaning products available on eBay are:

1.    Steam Mops

Steam Mops are perfect for cleaning hard floors in the home. They are upright cleaners and have a water tank towards the bottom of the mop which can easily be detached and refilled. Steam mops are perfect for hard surfaces such as tiles and some models can even work well on laminate and wooden floors without warping or discolouring the materials. These mops will have a medium sized water tank meaning you can get quite a lot of steam for one fill.

2.    Cylinder Steam Cleaners

Cylinder Steam Cleaners are one of the most versatile cleaners on the market. They are suitable for mopping floors and also surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen. Cylinder steam cleaners are slightly larger than steam mops and will have a bigger water tank. This can help to get longer steam times but they are not as quick and as convenient to use. A number of tools are available that can help clean any surface like grouting, wood floors, tiles and even ovens. Cylinder steam cleaners can also be used on material items such as clothes and curtains. Cylinder steam cleaners are truly an all-in-one solution to cleaning the home.

3.    Handheld Steam Cleaner

Handheld steam cleaners are brilliant if you want a steam cleaner that is cheap and easy to move with around the home. They are extremely lightweight so can be used with one hand and come with a variety of tools for doing all sorts of cleaning around the house like cleaning ovens and bathroom tiles. Due to their size, the tanks are the smallest on the market meaning a shorter steam time and they need to be refilled more often. In terms of ease of use, there is nothing better.

4.    Carpet Steamer

Carpet Steamers are similar in size to the cylinder steam cleaners. However, most steam products cannot be used on a carpet which is why this is such a popular choice for homeowners. They come with a large tank so the whole house can be steamed twice without refilling and they are easy to use.

How to Buy Steam Products on eBay

There is a great range of steam cleaning products to browse on eBay. Type in a term like ‘steam mop’ into the search bar at the top of any eBay page and a large selection of steam cleaning products will appear on the search page. It is then easy to buy these items in the following ways:

· Bidding- Just like buying at a real life auction, you can bid for steam cleaning products with a best offer. It is possible to increase offers at any time until the listing has finished. The customer with the highest bid will then be the winner of the auction and will own the steam cleaner.

· ‘Buy it Now’- To save lots of time, find the perfect cleaner and buy it at a set price. Searches can be filtered by ‘Buy it Now’ as well as auction items.

All listings can be filtered by using the advanced search page on eBay. Results can be narrowed down by “All of these words," "Any of these words," or "Exact phrase." Search in “All Categories” to open up a search further as well.

When buying steam cleaning products on eBay make sure to research the seller and find out all of the information of the item that is being bought before actually buying the product.

Search for the latest deals on Steam Cleaning products and accessories by checking in the Home and Lifestyle section. Some fantastic discounts are to be had, along with free postage costs.


Finding the right steam cleaning product for your needs is easy after you have considered the points in this guide. The main factors to consider are what surfaces are going to be cleaned with the item, how often you wish to refill the water tank, how quickly it needs to be in working order and how heavy it can be to be used with ease. Many brands and types of steam cleaner are available and all have their pros and cons so be sure to research all of the products carefully before buying. Prices can vary from smaller cleaners to the larger, more powerful cleaners which are used for cleaning large surfaces. All of the steam cleaners discussed in this guide are readily available to bid on or buy in the Home & Garden: Cleaning, Housekeeping section on eBay.

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