4 iPad Accessories for Your Kitchen

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There are countless iPad accessories on the market, and those who love to cook will be happy to know that many of these gadgets are made for the kitchen. Such accessories solve some common problems, such as how to keep the tablet clean and out of the way during food preparation. That's why both professional chefs and those who simply enjoy cooking at home will appreciate the top iPad accessories for the kitchen.
iPad Mounts

iPad Mounts Many cooks use their iPad in their kitchen so they can follow recipes without printing them out, but they don't want their favourite gadget to take up precious counter space. That's why iPad mounts were invented, and there are a few types to choose from.
The Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Mount is one example. It simply clamps on to any cabinet and holds the iPad up so people who are cooking can quickly glance at it as needed. There is also the PadTab Wall Mount, which allows iPad owners to stick their tablet to any wall in their kitchen. They can even choose to stick it on their refrigerator or kitchen cabinets.

Protective Sleeves

Protective Sleeves Even when the iPad is mounted high up and away from crumb-filled counters, there is still a risk of getting it dirty. After all, someone has to scroll down to see the whole recipe, and it's usually a chef with fingers covered in flour. That's why protective sleeves were invented.
For example, there's the iPad Chef Sleeves, which are disposable. They easily slide onto the tablet and provide a barrier between the screen and sticky fingers. CleverWraps are similar, but they are thicker and actually provide a seal that's watertight.

Stylus Pens

Stylus Pens Another way to protect the iPad screen from food in the kitchen is to use a stylus with it. That's why the Prepara iPrep Tablet Stand with Stylus exists. Not only does this gadget include a stylus, but it also features a stand that can fold up for easy storage.
A similar product is the Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus. In fact, the stylus is easily washable, which is definitely an advantage for those whose fingers can never stay clean while cooking.

Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards Every cook could use a new cutting board, especially one that integrates perfectly with the iPad. That's why some of the best iPad accessories for the kitchen are digital cutting boards. For instance, there's the CTA Digital Bamboo Cutting Board With iPad Stand.
Since it's made of bamboo, it's of high quality and easy to clean. The board itself also has the perfect raised spot to keep the iPad mounted and recipes easy to read. It even comes with slots for storing knives and a stylus pen so chefs don't have to use their fingers to scroll.
A similar option is the Prep Pad, which is both a food scale and a wireless cutting board. So not only can chefs chop up their food on it, they can also weigh their food, which is especially helpful for those trying to lose weight with better portion control.


Cooks of any skill level will enjoy these accessories for their iPad. Such products are easy to find on eBay and can accommodate most iPad generations and even other types of tablets. Shoppers simply need to consider which products would best solve their woes in the kitchen, and then they can have the appropriate gadget shipped to their home within days.
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