5 Affordable Backyard Design Ideas

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5 Affordable Backyard Design Ideas

Those with backyards may require some design ideas to help with the sprucing up or re-designing of a garden area. Whether it is a large backyard with a lawn or a smaller, more compact patio-based backyard, there are plenty of options to help reinvent and invigorate outside areas, including water features and statues.

These ideas can all be achieved and implemented affordably when using an auction site such as eBay, as the site offers a number of amenities to allow for buyers to purchase home and garden products at reasonable and sensible prices.

Therefore, this guide is written with the intention of helping those looking for affordable design ideas for their backyard, whilst offering advice and five design idea recommendations.

1. Flowers

Flowers are a simple but effective means of reinvigorating a garden and making it look pretty and full of life. They are often used around the edges of a backyard to create a colourful border.

There are thousands of flower types to choose from and the choice of flower is subjective and should be based on the time that they are to be planted, as well their colour and maintenance requirements.

There are two common ways that flowers are used and stored in backyards:

· Hanging Baskets: Hanging baskets are a popular means of housing flowers. As the name suggests, they are baskets that will hang at various heights, depending on the choice of the backyard owner and the available places that they can be hung from. Hanging baskets tend to be made from the likes of plastic or metal and come in a variety of designs and sizes. Hanging baskets should be of a sufficient size to help their contents grow to their full potential and should also be hung at a height where they can be safely, as well as regularly, watered.

· Flowerpots: Flowerpots are a nice way of housing flowers. They come in many different sizes and materials, including those that are terracotta or ceramic, as well as those made from plastic and stone. Some flowerpots can be fitted into the ground, whereas others are designed for placing on patios.

Buying flower bulbs is also easy when using the likes of eBay and there is a wide selection available that is suitable for all garden types and flower tastes.

2. Vegetables

Another way of affordably creating a new space and improving a garden is through the introduction of a vegetable patch. Not only can this make the garden look better and more lived in, it can also be a valuable and cost-effective means of growing food for the homeowner.

To create a vegetable patch one will need to make sure that there is enough room to do so, as well as purchasing the following items:

Vegetable Patch Necessities



Soil is readily available on eBay and is used to house the vegetables that are to be grown. Be sure to purchase enough soil to allow for a healthy growing of the vegetables and clear it of any unnecessary stones and debris before laying it.

Seeds and Bulbs

There are also many vegetable seeds and bulbs that can be purchased affordably. Decide which vegetables to grow and whether the garden and weather conditions are suitable for them and then head to the likes of eBay. Seeds and bulbs for onions, potatoes, lettuce and marrows can all be found at reasonable prices.


Some backyards may not have the capacity for a vegetable patch to be created. For example, the backyard may be patio based or there may not be enough space. In this instance, a grow bag can be purchased to allow for vegetables to be grown in a suitable environment that is easy and affordable to purchase and store.

3. Backyard Ornaments

One of the more popular design ideas used to create an aesthetically pleasing garden is the use of ornaments and decorations.

Whilst this is generally considered something that is done inside of the home, there are plenty of ornaments available that are designed for use in backyards to add a personal touch to the space.

Here are some of the more popular ornaments that can be purchased for gardens and backyards:

Backyard Ornaments



There are plenty of sculptures that are designed for outside storage. There is a wide range of sculpture themes available, including sculptures from the animal world, as well as busts and works of art. Garden sculptures tend to be made from materials that can withstand the outdoor elements, including those made from bronze, stone and even marble. They come in a variety of sizes and are popular amongst those who wish to take their artistic interests outdoors.


Rockery is a backyard design idea that uses rocks to form interesting and aesthetically pleasing spaces in the garden. This look can be easily achieved by purchasing rockery from the likes of eBay and is an affordable and simple means of making a backyard look nicer.

Figures and Statues

Whereas sculptures are more artistic in their design, figures and statues can often be found that are simple in design but representative of one’s personal tastes. Garden gnomes are a very popular form of backyard figure, as are figures designed to portray animals and various other wildlife.

4. Water Features

The purchase of a water feature can really invigorate a backyard and give it either a modern or classical look.

Whilst the likes of ponds are less affordable to install, there are some water features that are reasonably priced, as well as readily available:

· Fountains: Fountains are a great way of adding life to a garden. Most fountains designed for backyards are often easy to setup and recycle the water that is uses, so requires very little maintenance and may only need to be cleaned once in a while, just to keep it fresh and to avoid mould from settling in to it. Fountains can be purchased affordably from eBay and come in a variety of sizes and designs, from the more modern marble fountains to the classical stone fountains.

· Birdbath: A birdbath is also an interesting means of sprucing up a garden and is enormously simple to set up and maintain. All that is required is the bird bath itself and the occasional filling up of the water tray. One of the advantages of a birdbath is that they bring wildlife to the garden, making it healthy and full of life.

5. Furniture

Buying furniture for a backyard is a way of enabling a garden to be enjoyed and fully made use of in the summer months.

Some of the more popular garden furniture includes:

· Tables and Chairs: Purchasing outdoor tables and chairs is a way of enjoying the outdoor conditions whilst having the benefits of being comfortable. Most outdoor furniture is either made of wood, plastic or metal and is useful if one wishes to use the garden as an eating or social space.

· Heaters and Fire Pits: Backyard heaters and fire pits are a wise idea if one wishes to sit outside in the garden during the colder days and nights. There are plenty of backyard heaters of all sizes that are affordable, as well as fire pits and chiminea that look great when lit and provide sufficient warmth to sit around.

Buying Backyard Design Features on eBay

Whereas garden stores and online retailers may provide some ideas for backyard designs, they do not tend to offer the vast range of options that eBay does. Neither are they are affordable and reasonably priced.

eBay has thousands of listings for garden design products. These can be seen by visiting the site and choosing the Home and Garden option. To find the specific backyard feature that is desired, use the keyword search bar or select one of the many filter tabs that include Gardening and Outdoor Living.

Furthermore, pay a visit to the Home and Lifestyle Deals page so as to view some of the more affordable deals that have been selected by those who work for the site.

When either Bidding, making a Best Offer and using the Buy It Now facility, be sure to have read the terms and conditions of eBay to ensure that the transaction is honest and secure on behalf of both the buyer and the seller.


There are many different ideas that can be put into place as far as backyard design is concerned.

However, it is important to take space into consideration, especially if installing a water feature or purchasing a sculpture. Maintenance is also another important factor that should be channelled into the buying process.

With all of this guides tips and ideas in mind, and of course by using eBay, one can achieve a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing backyard space that adds another dimension to the home.

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