5 Automotive DVD Players

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5 Automotive DVD Players

From keeping children occupied to keeping passengers entertained during long drives, automotive DVD players are a great way to pass time in the car. There are different options of automotive DVD players, from fixed monitors to portable players, which makes it easy for buyers to find a DVD player that fits within their budget and needs. Some new vehicles come equipped with DVD players, and usually feature a flip down or in-dash DVD player. However, installing a DVD player in the vehicle is usually much more affordable. Because of the increase in popularity of automotive DVD players, there are many options that are affordable and easy to install.

Automotive DVD players are found in brick and mortar electronic stores, or online by using helpful websites such as eBay. Because of eBay's large selection of automotive DVD players, buyers have a wide range of options for players that fit with their vehicle's make and model. By familiarising themselves with the different types of automotive DVD players, buyers decide on which type would be best for them and their family.

Type 1: Portable DVD Players

Unlike many other automotive DVD players, portable DVD players are not fixed within the vehicle. Portable DVD players are DVD players that run on battery power, and are allowed to be taken on the go. The plus side of choosing a portable DVD player is that the player is also meant to be used outside of the vehicle as well. In addition, portable DVD players are a more affordable option for an automotive DVD player, and do not need to be installed in the vehicle, which saves the buyer both time and money.

However, there are also some downsides to choosing a portable DVD player. Unless the DVD player has an attachment to charge in the car, the battery may not last the length of the trip, and buyers must be conscious about making sure the DVD player is charged before use. Another downside of portable DVD players is that all passengers in the vehicle are unable to view the player at the same time.

Type 2: In-Dash DVD Players

Another type of automotive DVD player is in-dash DVD players. In-dash DVD players are DVD players that are connected to the dashboard of the vehicle. Many in-dash DVD players are multi-functional, and may also feature GPS navigation, Bluetooth technology, radio tuners, or CD players. Also, in-dash DVD players are one of the more simple fixed players to install.

Usually the in-dash DVD players connect to the dashboard with an adaptor or cable. In-dash DVD players usually feature headphone inputs, or attach to the vehicle's speaker system and separate monitors that are typically placed in the dashboard, or anywhere else throughout the vehicle. Multi-zoned in-dash DVD players also have the ability to be connected to multiple screens, so the DVD player is able to be seen by all passengers.

Although in-dash DVD players have more options that appeal to the driver, such as Bluetooth or navigation, screens placed in the dashboard make it hard for viewers in the back seat to see the screen. Also, because of the location on the vehicle, in-dash DVD players may be more hazardous and distracting to the driver. In-dash DVD players with separate screens are better for accommodating other passengers, but may require the purchase of separate monitors or professional installation.

Type 3: Flip-Down DVD Players

One of the most popular types of DVD players for large families are flip-down DVD players. Flip-down DVD players flip down from the ceiling of the vehicle directly behind the first row of seats. Even in larger vehicles, the centred location makes it easy for all passengers in the backseat to view the screen, while not causing a distraction for the driver. Another benefit of flip-down DVD players is that they are able to be folded up when they are not in use for added security. Flip-down DVD players either attach to the vehicle's speaker system or have inputs for headphones, so the passengers in the front are able to listen to music even when a movie is being played.

The downside to flip-down DVD players is that they are one of the more expensive types of automotive DVD players, and are also more complicated to install. Especially if the DVD player is being hooked to the vehicle's speakers, it may take a professional to install the player. Also, not all flip-down DVD players have the DVD player included, so buyers should look for all-in-one options when choosing a flip-down player.

Type 4: Headrest DVD Players

Headrest DVD players are another popular type of fixed automotive DVD players with monitors placed in the back of the driver or passenger's headrest. Headrest DVD players are great for small cars, or individual passengers, since they may be difficult to view from some parts of the vehicle. Many headrest DVD players feature a screen that flips down to insert the DVD, and also features headphone inputs so the movie does not disturb other passengers.

On the downside, many headrest DVD players may require professional installation which is an added cost. In addition, since the monitor is unable to be flipped up or hidden, it is always visible which could lead to to problems such as theft. For those looking for something to entertain multiple passengers, they may want to choose a DVD player that is more centrally located.

Type 5: Rearview Mirror DVD Players

For those who do not have much space in their vehicle, a rearview mirror DVD player may be the best option. Rearview mirror DVD players are rearview mirrors that have a monitor for playing DVDs. When the DVD player is turned off, only the mirror is visible. These players are among the easiest to install, some have monitors that simply attach to the rearview mirror, while others have a screen installed into the mirror, and the driver just has to swap the old rearview mirror for the new one.

Because of their placement, rearview mirror DVD players easily become a distraction and even a potential hazard to the driver. Also, the monitor on rearview mirror DVD players is very small, so it may be hard for passengers in the back seat to view the screen. Also, many rearview mirror DVD players do not have additional features such as navigation or Bluetooth.

How to Purchase an Automotive DVD Player on eBay

After understanding the different types of automotive DVD players, you are ready to begin your search for the perfect DVD player for your vehicle. One of the best places to begin your search for a DVD player is online at helpful websites like eBay. eBay has a large selection of automotive DVD players so buyers usually find a DVD player that meets their needs.

To begin your search on eBay, you may start by making use specific keywords in the keyword search bar. If you know the type of DVD player you are looking for, you may search a specific type, such as 'in-dash DVD player'. To browse different types of automotive DVD players, you might want to search for a broader term, such as 'car DVD player'.

eBay also allows you to set your price maximum when shopping for an automotive DVD player. By setting your price maximum, you do not have to waste time searching through car DVD players that are outside of your price range. Another way to get the best deal on automotive DVD players is by shopping on the eBay deals page, which features some of the best deals found on the web.


Aside from the type of automotive DVD player, another thing to consider when purchasing one is which additional features are available. Many automotive DVD players feature additional options such as navigation, Bluetooth technology, or radio tuners or CD players. Some automotive players also work with DVDs or Blu-ray disks, which may be better for those with larger Blu-ray collections.

For families purchasing DVD players for children, additional features such as GPS may not be necessary. However, for those looking for a new high tech gadget for their vehicle, they may want to choose an all-in-one player with added options. It is also important to check that the DVD player is compatible with the make and model of car. Regardless of the type of automotive DVD player, buyers typically find the type of player they want for the price they want to pay with the help of eBay.

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