5 Creative Ideas for Picture Frame Arrangements

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5 Creative Ideas for Picture Frame Arrangements

Homeowners want to have a house that feels comfortable and looks beautiful. Decorating the walls is a key element in making a home feel complete. Some people choose wallpaper or large pieces of artwork to decorate, while others like more subtle touches. A picture frame arrangement is a common way of decorating rooms in the house, and there are many ways this can be done. Here are five creative ideas for adding picture frame arrangements to the home.


Corner Frames

Adding corner frames is a beautiful and unique way of decorating individual rooms or the home overall. These corner pieces are large or small frames shaped to have two sides that meet in a corner. They can be hung on corners to decorate the walls and enliven a bland space. It is especially worthwhile to hang a number of them along the edge of a corner to take up space in a unique way.


Arrange Pictures Diagonally

If there is an unusually shaped space in the home, it can be modified with pictures to account for any flaws. Arrange pictures diagonally going up a narrow space; this is ideal for areas such as a staircase. Use frames of the same colour, such as all black or all white, for a striking effect.


Photo Shelves

Some people prefer not to hang pictures on the walls. In this case, photo shelves can be an excellent way to display a variety of photos. Simply hang two or three long shelves along a wall over a piece of furniture, such as a bed, sofa or fireplace. Make sure the shelves are spaced evenly. Then, set framed photos on the shelves, and stagger them so that each one is visible.


Split Image

Split image is another popular way to display framed pictures on a wall. It is easy to blow up a photo and have it cut into multiple fragments. Then, frame each of these fragments individually, and set the frames in place so that the picture is put back together in full. This can be done with two, three, or many pieces. This technique works well for both vintage photos and modern pictures.


Brightly Coloured Frames

Use brightly coloured picture frames to make black and white photos pop out on the wall. The bright colours are a beautiful complement to grey-scale photos because there are no bold colours in the image. They also create more texture in a room and brighten up a space.

Turn a plain home into one of vitality and eye-catching detail by incorporating picture frame arrangements. With just a few simple steps, a wall or unused corner can become an integral and functional part of the home.

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