5 Creative Scrapbooking Ideas

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5 Creative Scrapbooking Ideas

When done creatively, scrapbooking is more like an art than a craft. Of course, many people use scrapbooking as way of collection visual ideas in one place. For instance, they are commonly used by people working on an interior design project, or when planning a wedding, to collect information and images together. However, scrapbooking as a hobby can also be an artful activity in its own right with the scrapbook itself being the finished article.


1. Pregnancy Scrapbooking

Many mums-to-be like to record the development of their child even before it is born. Scrapbooking is the perfect way to go about this and it makes something that can be kept forever as a memento of this precious time. A creative way of arranging a pregnancy scrapbook is to split it into 40 separate pages, each representing a week of the journey. Alternatively, split it up into the three trimesters and arrange the things in the scrapbook according to themes. Remember to include baby scans as well as images of the developing bump. Colour swatches that a mum-to-be might be considering for a nursery or the baby’s bedroom are also a good thing to include that help to individualise the scrapbook. Also, include the written thoughts of grandparents and others close to you, at this time.


2. Do Away With Glue

Many great scrapbooks are made by simply sticking photographs and sections drawn from magazines or fliers onto the pages of a scrapbook. Nevertheless, this mounting system can become a bit repetitive, particularly if it has been used in other scrapbooks before. A great idea is to use decorative mounting tape, like washi tape, instead. Alternatively, use a scrapbook as a postcard album holder, in which you can slip photographs and small items of paper and still see the images clearly. Plastic wallet sleeves, which are found in office supplies, are great for holding larger sheets of paper, such as maps as well as items that are not quite flat. Business card holders are the perfect thing to use for mounting smaller items in a glue-less scrapbook. Opt for a ring binder with this sort of scrapbooking project. Not only is it a very practical way of scrapbooking, but it allows for entire sections to be removed or added with ease.


3. Customise the Scrapbook Cover

Scrapbooking is often all about the delightful contents that are to be found inside. However, all too often the cover of a scrapbooking project is forgotten about. Instead of covering a scrapbook with images, which might be better off inside, why not go for a textural approach for the outside jacket? A simple way of decorating a cover is to find some material that has a particular feel to it, like an embroidered fabric, for example. All you need to do is cut it into the right size and to wrap it around the scrapbook, using mounting tape to attach it to the inside cover.


4. Coastal Scrapbooking

A trip to the beach can be made all that more memorable by collecting a few items for a scrapbook. Along with photographs of friends and family enjoying the coast, why not add some sketched watercolours? On rocky stretches of the beach look for little shells or interesting things that have floated ashore. These can be mounted quite easily into a scrapbook by using 35 millimetre slide sleeves arranged to your liking. These can be easily bought on sites like eBay or in stores and all you need to do is to stick them down to prevent the contents from falling out.


5. Notebook Scrapbooking

Many creative people like to sketch down their ideas in a notebook when they are out and about. More convenient to transport than a scrapbook, notebooks are handy items for getting those creative ideas down when inspiration strikes. Others keep notebooks next to their bed so that they can capture some of the ideas which come to them when dreaming. Instead of keeping these notebooks tucked away in a drawer once they are full up, it can be really beneficial to mount them inside of a scrapbook. Remove the pages from the spines of the notebooks and mount them inside the scrapbook. Alternatively, make a book within a book and only stick the back cover of the notebook into the scrapbook, so that it is possible to still leaf through it.

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