5 Different Ways You Can Wear a Scarf

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Scarves add a pop of colour to any outfit, but they also keep wearers warm during blustrey weather. Often wearers are hesitant to choose a scarf, simply because they might be intimidating. The good news is that scarves are easy to tie once you master a few very basic styles. Some wearers even find that once they master a simple style, they are only a few steps away from finding their own signature scarf look.
As a loop

As a loop Infinity scarves are lovely, but might not always be handy. In these situations, wearers can turn any scarf into one with the same look. To accomplish this look simply drape the ends over the front of their body, and then tie the loose ends together. Then, use a small knot or even a decorative bow to top off the look. Once the scarf is turned around with the knot or bow in the back, there is a lovely solid loop effect to the scarf that should be on display. This technique works best with scarves made from lighter fabrics.

As a slip knot

As a slip knot This technique is simple enough for anyone to use, even if they are not the best with knots. The wearer should fold the scarf in half and then place it around the neck with the loose ends on one side and the folded side on the other. Next, slip the loose ends through the loop, and gently tug. The knot can also be worn closer to the neck, or looser for a more casual look. This is a good knot for wearers who are seemingly always on-the-go, or for those who must put on and take off their scarf frequently throughout the day.

In a Celtic knot

In a Celtic knot To create this look, the wearer should start as if he were tying the slip knot-style. Once the loose ends are passed through the loop, the wearer should twist the loop once over onto itself and then push the loose ends through the loop once more, underneath the twist. If the scarf is somewhat long, continue twisting and pushing until the desired knot is achieved. Depending on the fabric, the wearer may need to adjust the scarf so that the braided knot is more visible; this is a good style for chunkier knitted scarves.

In a drape

In a drape The simplest scarf look of all is the drape. Wearers need no special skill or enhancements for this since they simply drape the loose edges of the scarf over the front of their body. To dress this look up a bit, secure the two sides of the scarf together with a brooch or a scarf pin. This technique is excellent for long, flowing scarves that are light. This is also an excellent technique for wearers who are not used to wearing scarves or who might find more complicated methods too fussy.

As a muffler

As a muffler In cold weather, a muffler works well to keep the chill out. Scarf wearers mimic the look of a muffler simply in how they wear any scarf. Wearers should start by placing the loose ends of the scarf toward their back, with the centre of the scarf either at the front of the neck, or pulled a few inches away from the neck. Then, pull each loose end over the opposite shoulder so that the edges drape along the front of the body. During cold weather, this technique often works best with heavy woollen scarves. This look also works well in the summer with lightweight scarves rather than wollen ones.

Scarf accessories

Wearers may find that as they become more comfortable tying and wearing scarves, they begin to acquire a few more of them. Some accessories, such as brooches, make wearing scarves more interesting. At this point, how to store so many scarves may become a concern; this is where a scarf hanger comes in handy. These hangers fit in a closet and allow wearers easy access to each scarf, but they also help to keep the scarves organised and wrinkle-free.

How to buy scarves on eBay

Sellers on eBay offer a wide range of different types and styles of scarves. If you already know that you want a lightweight scarf for spring or summer, then use the search phrase "lightweight scarves". For a specific material, such as chiffon, simply include that in the search phrase to narrow down the results even further. Use colours to narrow down a search even further, as certain designs may be a helpful search tool to use when you are not yet certain what pattern or style you want to find.
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