5 Do's and Don'ts When Buying a Bikini

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There is an enormous range of choice for women when it comes to buying a swimsuit, and the bikini is one of the most popular and widely available. The bikini is a two piece swimsuit which came to rival the more traditional one piece swimsuit in popularity, with the modern style of bikini that is familiar today emerging in 1940s France. Two piece swimsuits are available with different designs that can suit all kinds of different body shapes, and can be made out of a variety of materials. A wide range of swimsuits, including bikinis, can be found on eBay.

Do Choose A Comfortable Fit of Bikini

One of the most important factors in choosing the right bikini is picking one which will be comfortable to wear, be it on the beach or by the pool.

· One of the key elements in ensuring a comfortable fit, is to pay attention to the size of the bikini. Bikinis can be found in a range of sizes and dress sizes, making it possible to find a bikini which fits.

· Another aspect to consider is how comfortable the wearer will be in a bikini. Some may prefer more revealing wear, while others will prefer those offering more cover.

· A tankini top, for example, covers up  more of the wearers body, which some may find more comfortable to wear. Others, for example those looking to avoid tan lines, may prefer a bikini type such as the string bikini.

· Accessories such as swimsuit skirts are also available.

Do Match a Swimsuit Top With a Bottom

Bikini pieces can be bought as one complete outfit, or mixed and matched with those of others to create a unique swimsuit. As well as different colours and materials, bikini tops and bottoms are available in a number of different types.

Swim Suit Tops

Halter Top

Halter bikini tops are a top where the straps tie or connect behind the neck of the wearer, rather than over the shoulders. This type of bikini top can offer additional bust support.


The tankini offers additional coverage, with this top piece  often reaching down to the waist in a similar way to a shirt.


The cups of the triangular top are triangular in shape, and the top is often connected at both the neck and back. These bikini tops offer the wearer a great deal of room for adjustment, which can increase comfort.


The bandeau is a type of bikini top which wraps around the bust, and may include straps. These are useful for those trying to avoid tan lines, and can suit a curvier body shape.

Swim Suit Bottoms


Hipster bikini bottoms are those which sit low on the wearer, below the waist and on the hips. Hipster bottoms can offer different levels of coverage, and can work with a variety of tops.


String bikini bottoms are among the most revealing of the swim suit pieces that are widely available. These pieces are most suited to more confident wears, and can be a good choice for reducing tan lines.


Alternatively, bikini shorts are also available. These offer an additional amount of coverage, and are similar to swimming shorts, and can vary greatly in length.


Another option that offers extra coverage is the skirted bikini bottom, which come with a skirt attached. These can sometimes be removable, offering versatility, and are popular among women who prefer to cover up.

Do Match a Bikini to a Body Shape

There is an enormous variety of body shapes, and a bikini can be found to suit all of them.

· Chest size is an important factor. Women with a smaller chest size may find a triangle top suits them better, while those with a larger chest may find that tops which feature underwire and thicker straps are more comfortable.

· Women who are self conscious about their stomach may prefer the less revealing tankini, which can be matched with a wide waist banded bikini bottom in order to provide additional coverage.

·  A stylish sarong is a great way to cover up any body parts that a woman might be self conscious about.

Don't Forget to Consider the Materials of a Bikini

The material that a bikini is made out of can determine where it is most suited for use, as well as how durable the swimsuit is and how it feels to wear. There are a few materials which are commonly used in modern bathing suits.

· Materials such as lycra and nylon are widely used, and offer durability and ease of movement. Bikinis made out of these materials often offer a tight, secure fit.

· If the bikini is to be worn frequently in a swimming pool, then a polyester bikini may be the better option, as such as swimsuit is more resistant to the cleaning chemicals, such as chlorine, which are commonly used in swimming pools.

· Additional pieces such as skirts or sarongs may be made out of all kinds of none waterproof materials. A silk sarong, for example, may offer a light, luxurious feel to a bikini.

· To help a bikini to last as long as possible, it should be rinsed as soon as the wearer has left the pool. Bikinis are typically hand washed with a gentle detergent, and dried indoors or in the shade, as direct sunlight can cause the material to droop and sag.

Don't Pick an Unflattering Colour or Pattern

Bikinis are available in an enormous array of different colours and patterns, and choosing the right one can help to make a bikini more flattering.

· Taller women who are conscious of their height can opt for a bikini featuring horizontal stripes or block colour patterns to help de-emphasize their height. Shorter women, meanwhile, may prefer to choose a vertical striped pattern.

· Darker colours can offer a slimming effect, while black bikinis have long been a popular choice among many women.

· If the wearer wants to draw attention away from a particular part of the body, mix a patterned and block coloured bikini. The patterned part will draw attention, while a block colour will help to  disguise any body parts that the wearer is self conscious about.

· Vertical and diagonal prints and patterns are often more slimming, and are often more flattering than single block colours.

How to Buy a Bikini on eBay

A wide variety of bikinis, as well as other types of swimsuit, can be found on eBay.

· The full listing of available bikinis can be found under the Swimwear section of Women's Clothing, which can be found through the Clothing, Shoes, Accessories portal.

·  The listings can be sorted by a range of useful categories, such as by colour, size, brand or material, making it easy to narrow down the wide selection available.

· More detailed information about a particular bikini can be found on that items page. This typically includes pictures and product descriptions, to help the buyer know exactly what is being purchased. Information about the seller, including item reviews and feedback ratings, also helps to ensure that a purchase can be made with confidence.

· It may be easier and more effective to make use of the search function. Simply entering a key word into the search bar will return any relevant results, and searches can be made within a particular category, or set to return results from across the site.

· Look out for any available deals on swimsuits by navigating to the 'Women's Swimwear' section.


Swimwear can be found to suit any woman, offering an enormous selection of different types of bikini, as well as a wide choice in colours, patterns and materials. These include revealing bikinis suitable for more confident women and those looking to avoid tan lines, along with bikinis such as the more covering tankini, which can provide additional protection from the sun. Whatever type of bikini is most suitable, it can be found on eBay.

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