5 Drill Attachments for Every Toolbox

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The usefulness of a drill is determined by its ability to provide the holes needed for the task at hand. Sometimes a special accessory or attachment is needed to create more than just a hole. Additional accessories can turn a drill into a versatile addition to any toolbox.


Drill Attachments

When purchasing drill attachments to complete a toolbox, consider the following attachments.

Right-Angle Attachment

Sometimes a hole must be drilled in a tiny, hard-to-reach place that the drill bit won’t reach. That’s when a right-angle attachment, a tool that can drill around corners, is particularly useful. The right-angle attachment simplifies the job through the use of its 90-degree interface. Housed in the attachment are a series of gears to transfer the power to a different plane, which can result in loss of power and speed. Materials to be drilled must be compatible with the equipment. A word of caution, though – some right-angled attachments can only be used with a particular-size chuck and bit, so check it before purchase to avoid disappointment.

Nibbler/Metal Cutter

A nibbler/metal cutter is like a small pair of metal shears that derives its power from a drill. With a guide handle on top, cutting jaws on the bottom, and power transfer shaft in the middle that attaches to the chuck of a drill, this tool can cut shapes from the interior of a sheet of metal that otherwise would have to be cut with shears or hacksaws. Because of its design, it is able to make sharp turns and remove small pieces of metal. Check the thickness of the metal to be cut to ensure the nibbler/metal cutter is able to handle it.

Masonry Hammer Bit

A masonry bit can be used to drill holes in brick, mortar, or concrete with satisfactory results. However, if more material needs to be removed, a masonry hammer bit is an essential accessory. Designed to rapidly oscillate back and forth, rather than just spin, the specially-shaped tip breaks apart the masonry and discharges the debris via the deep flutes of the bit.

Circular Saw Attachment

Another addition to the drill toolbox is a circular saw attachment. The source of power is derived from the drill itself via a shaft that rotates the saw blade, just like the electric-powered models. The attachment is much smaller though, and only suitable for thin materials. The real advantage is its size and the convenience of eliminating an additional tool. The circular saw attachment is ideal for straight cuts through various materials.

Grinding Attachment

There are two options for grinding attachments. The first option is a grinding wheel, or disk that fits into the chuck of the drill. The grinding wheel converts the drill into a type of bench grinder to sharpen cutting edges on various tools or cut or de-bur metal. The second option is a drill bit sharpening attachment. Drill bits lose their cutting edge after repeated use, but there is still plenty of life left in the bit. The sharpening guides allow several angles and several different tools to be sharpened. The grinding attachment can handle most common sizes of drill bits.

Shopping for Drill Attachments on eBay

The prices and selections on eBay are sure to provide plenty of options when shopping for drill accessories. To get started, buyers should visit the eBay home page and select the Home and Garden heading. A drop down menu will provide several categories to choose from. Selecting the sub-heading “Tools”, will lead to a page with a diverse menu of tool categories and a search bar. Enter “drill attachments” in the search bar to arrive at a page displaying a multitude of accessories. Using the provided search bar will take the buyer to specific items for sale. After selecting the appropriate items needed, buyers will find two options for making a purchase.
If the item the buyer wants to purchase is new and is sold by a retailer, there may be a “buy now” button in the purchase section. This will give the buyer an opportunity to buy the item at a specified price. The shipping terms and return agreements will be listed there, as well as the payment options.
The other option is to successfully bid on an item in an ongoing auction. If the item is used, or the seller wants to make as much money as possible from its sale, it will be auctioned. Check the time remaining on the bidding and put in an offer. When the auction ends, the highest bid wins. Buying a drill attachment in an eBay auction can result in substantial savings over retail prices. Buyers should check the return and shipping policies before placing a bid.

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