5 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your PC

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5 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your PC

It's getting harder and harder for anyone to get by in today's world without a computer. Some individuals, such as students and business owners, are downright required to have a system. Unfortunately, these machines often slow down the more a person uses them, but this reduction in speed isn't necessarily permanent. With a few adjustments, almost anyone can get their computer back up to speed.


Remove Old Programs

One of the most basic methods of increasing a computer's speed is by removing programs that are no longer used. Just imagine how many people have Instant Messenger programs, such as AIM or Yahoo, still installed on their computers even though they don't use them anymore. Connections which slow down a computer are created when a program is installed, but by going into a computer's Control Panel and uninstalling unused programs, this drain on speed can be removed.


Get Rid of Malware

Some of the most annoying causes of slower computers are viruses and other forms of malware. Malware programs can be purposefully harmful or simply intended to increase advertising revenue for a company. Regardless of the motivation, this can slow a computer down. It's important to have a strong antivirus and security program installed on a machine to clear out these annoyances as they appear.


Upgrade Hardware

Over time, the simple act of using a computer is going to slow it down. This is even in the absence of malware and unused programs. When all of the software options of speeding up a computer have been exhausted, hardware upgrades are a nearly surefire method of getting things running more smoothly.

Increase RAM

RAM is the most well known type of computer memory. When a computer doesn't have an appropriate amount of RAM, the machine will quickly slow down as competing processes try to continue functioning. Many people are fine with only 2GB of RAM, but those who play computer games, perform video editing or simply have numerous applications all running at the same time can benefit from adding additional RAM to their computer. It's possible to get excessively high amounts of this memory, but purchasing 8GB of RAM would cover almost anything a person could want to do on their computer.

Install a New Hard Drive

A computer's hard drive is what saves all of the programs and data contained on the computer. Unfortunately, a computer will start to slow down as more and more of this storage space is taken up. Those with 85 percent of their storage space filled, for instance, are long past due for an upgrade and are probably experiencing performance levels exceptionally below what they could be. Fortunately, it's very easy to purchase new hard drives online, and those who really want to go all out can even purchase a 1 Terabyte internal hard drive.


Defragment Hard Drive

"To err is human, but to really screw up, you need a computer." Anyone who has worked on a computer for more than a week knows that this piece of wisdom is absolutely true. It's important to note, though, that computers make mistakes, too. These little mistakes can slow the machine down, but they can also be easily remedied through a defragmentation.

The mistake that computers sometimes make is placing the exact same file into several locations on a computer. This is called fragmentation, and since it's eating up hard drive space, it results in slower computer speeds. Fortunately, the remedy can be found simply by typing "disk defragmenter" into a computer's search bar. Saving all work to an external source before doing this is ideal, and a defragmentation should never be undertaken if a loss of power is a potentiality.


Format Hard Drive

Formatting the hard drive is the end-all and be-all solution to speeding a computer up. It's very likely the best chance of getting back exceptional speed, but it's basically also a scorched earth tactic. Everything on the drive will be deleted and the operating system will have to be reinstalled. Those who don't have their operating system disks can still purchase them online at sites like eBay, but it's recommended to try all other methods before opting for a disk format.

Computers are exceptional machines, but like any other machine, they will experience problems over time. Fortunately, the aforementioned methods can go a long way in reducing these problems and gaining back a level of speed that has been lost. Purchasing a new computer is always an option, but speeding up one's current machine is far less expensive.

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