5 Factors to Consider When Buying Speakers

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6 Factors to Consider When Buying Speakers

Buying speakers is an investment almost everyone makes at one point. Speakers can expand the personal audio experience of movies, films, or games to a whole new level. However, the task can be daunting as there are just so many options to consider. Going into the purchase with a sense of purpose, knowing what exactly is required from the speakers, and what they will be used for will help simplify the experience. This guide will look at five factors that influence the speaker buying process.


1. Function

Speakers can be purchased for a number of desired roles; home theatre systems for movies, stereo systems for music, or computer speaker for the office. Depending on what the speakers will be used primarily for will determine the set-up that should be purchased.
Set-ups like 7.1 surround sound are more suited to the buyer who wants speakers for movies. The large number of speakers means that they can be arranged around a room, giving the user in the centre a full immersive sound experience. The rear speakers, placed behind the user, are used for special effects to give the feeling that the viewer is in the film. Because this effect is usually unique to films, using a 7.1 set-up for music can sometimes be a waste of speakers.
If the buyer only wants speakers for his or her desk, a 3.1 system using small satellite speakers would adequately do this job, as large high-end speakers would overdoing it.


2. Movement

This factor is often overlooked when purchasing speakers, but can make a big difference to the sound experience. For example, a 7.1 surround set-up focuses the sound on a central area, with all the speakers working toward this goal. If someone moves around and does not remain in the centre, the effect of the surround sound and the maximum potential of the system will be lost.
Therefore, when purchasing speakers, the buyer should decide if the setup will need to be designed around movement. If the buyer is purchasing speakers for room where people may move about or dance, then larger floor speakers would be better suited as they have a better spread of sound.


3. Size

Speakers come in a range of sizes, from small satellite speakers that could fit on a desk to large floor speakers that take up a corner of a room and are quite heavy. The larger the speaker, the better the sound quality, as well as the larger the range of sound frequencies the speaker will be able to handle. Like the previous factors, the perfect size of speaker will depend on the situation. Where the speakers are needed to fill a large room or area with sound, then the floor speakers are best. For just a desk or office then satellite speakers will suffice.


4. Number

There are many options of full systems of speakers that have names like 7.1, 5.1 or 3.1. The number refers to the number of speakers within the system. 7.1 has seven speakers and 3.1 has three. The first three speakers are usually placed at the front of the room, and as the systems move from 3.1 up to 7.1 , the extra speakers are used in the rear and sides of the room, ending will full surround sound. Televisions typically only accept three speaker inputs, and if a surround system is desired, then an external device may be required.


5. Setup

How speakers are setup in a room will affect their quality and performance, and speakers should always be purchased with the size of the room in mind. Buying large speakers for a small room will be detrimental to the overall sound experience, as echo and distortion could occur.


Buying on eBay

Once the specific speakers are known, eBay is a great destination to purchase them. There are a range of deals available in home entertainment where a discounted deal could be found. Otherwise, shoppers can head to the speakers section of eBay and have a look around. Using the keyword search function, or the refinements on the left of the screen will help narrow down the results. Buyers should remember to double check all the terms and conditions that the seller lays out, as these will change from item to item. Using the feedback system is a good way to check on previous transactions the seller has undergone too.



Speakers are a must-have for a multitude of situations. They help improve the audio in home theatre systems, music setups, or even just enhancing the sound for a personal office space. Make sure though that the speakers, used or new, are bought to suit the needs and environment in which they will be setup.

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