5 Fun Boxing Day Activities With Kids

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5 Fun Boxing Day Activities With Kids

Boxing Day is a time to show charity to the needy and relax after the rigours of the Christmas holiday. It is the day when tradesmen of old would receive gifts or boxes from their employers. Many families prefer to spend time together on Boxing Day, finishing the remnants of their Christmas dinners, while others spend time outdoors to enjoy the summer weather. Whether looking for a short event or a day-long adventure, families are sure to find ways to incorporate fun, unique activities into Boxing Day traditions.


1. Go Shopping

Boxing Day is an excellent time for deep-discount prices on clothing, home goods, or next year’s Christmas decorations at online retailers such as eBay. There will be plenty of bargains for the kids, making this is a fantastic opportunity to stock up on kids’ clothing and shoes or find any toys that Santa may have overlooked.


2. Enjoy Traditions From Afar

Incorporate other traditions into a Boxing Day celebration. An ancient Irish tradition, Hunting the Wren, involves collecting donations while parading about the neighbourhood with the figure of a wren on an ornate stick. Monies collected are traditionally used for a community dance. Musically minded parents can also teach their children the “Good King Wenceslas” carol. English Morris dancing, choreographed folk-dance performances in costume, may be a more challenging prospect for ambitious parents, but it is a delight for children to attempt.


3. Go Outdoors

As Boxing Day occurs during the hottest month of summer, active families long for outdoor entertainment. While Boxing Day traditions in other countries include horse racing and football, the heat of summer may prove too intense for these pastimes. Instead, opt for a game of cricket to celebrate the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne. Boating might appeal to those yearning for the water, particularly if they are unable to witness the annual Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.


4. Show Gratitude

Giving back to others doesn’t have to be difficult. Boxing Day is often a day when grateful patrons will give small gifts of money or treats to hard-working helpers, such as mail carriers or fire fighters. A warm batch of homemade biscuits can warm the hearts and hands of community service members. Kids can help make and deliver the treats, giving their thanks in person. Families can also take a few hours of their holiday and help serve a meal to the homeless at a local shelter. Though the gift of time is not costly, it may make a huge difference in the life of a needy person. If families with younger children are interested in helping but are not comfortable serving food to others, they could choose to spend some time volunteering at a food bank.


5. Have a Backyard Party

If you have a large backyard (or can borrow one), consider opening it up for the neighbourhood children to come play in. Have food and drink on hand so that the neighbours can visit with you while the kids play. Organise races or scavenger hunts through the backyard and give prises to the winning children. If you have your children accompany you on a prise-buying shopping expedition prior to Boxing Day, they’ll have fun giving out prises to their friends and really get into the spirit of the season.



Whether interested in giving thanks or taking advantage of bargains, there are many ways for families to enjoy Boxing Day together. When parents set aside time for fun activities, they help strengthen their family bond and show their children what it means to be loved.

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