5 Handmade Card Ideas

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Anyone can go to the nearest shop and buy a greeting card, but crafting handmade cards is much more personal. Depending on the type of design, different levels of artistic flair may be required. However, even the most inexperienced crafters should be able to create a simple, yet attractive, handmade card.

Christmas Tree Card

Christmas Tree Card During the festive holiday season, a handmade card sent to family and friends is a thoughtful gesture. This Christmas tree card is extremely straightforward to make, but looks very attractive. Start with a blank white card of any size, then cut out a long triangle from cheerful holiday wrapping paper. The triangle should be almost as wide as the card at its base and just a centimetre or so shorter than the card is long. Glue the triangle near the top of the card. This will be the tree.
Cut out a rectangle from green construction paper that's the right size to fit between the bottom of the tree and the very bottom of the card and glue it in place there. This will be the trunk of the tree. For a finishing touch, cut out a yellow, gold, or orange star and glue it on the top of your tree.

Numbered Birthday Cards

Numbered Birthday Cards An idea for children's birthdays or for anyone who's celebrating a milestone birthday - such as 18 or 50 - is to create a simple card with the recipient's age on the front. Start with a square white card, then cut out a smaller square from coloured card stock and glue it onto the white card. Next cut out the number or numbers needed in a contrasting colour and glue these on the coloured card. The choice of colour will depend on the recipient. For instance, if the card is for a child, bright primary colours might be the most appropriate.

Balloon Hearts Card

Balloon Hearts Card This cute card, which features a bunch of heart-shaped balloons, can be given to a loved one for Valentine's Day or an anniversary. Cut out about six or seven small heart shapes from coloured paper roughly 1 or 2 centimetres across. Arrange the hearts on the front of the card so they resemble a handful of balloons and glue them in place. Some may overlap others, but make sure a few hearts have the points at the bottom exposed. Attach thin red strings to the points. Each of these pieces of string should gather together at the bottom middle of the page.

Floral Cards

Floral Cards Floral motifs are popular on cards for various occasions, from birthday cards to thank you cards to get well soon cards. It's fairly simple to arrange a few flowers on the front of the card in an attractive manner and glue them in place. These flowers can either be handmade or bought online or from a craft supply shop. If you know the recipient's favourite kind of flower, it would be a nice idea to use its image on the card. Once the flowers are glued in place, use self-adhesive letters to create a relevant message for the occasion.

Cake Card

Cake Card Create a stylised three-layer cake by cutting out three rectangles, each smaller than the next. Place them one on top of the other, with the largest on the bottom. Use brightly coloured or attractively patterned rectangles on a light background for a birthday card, or nice white embossed rectangles on a darker background for a wedding or engagement card.


Although it's not necessary to craft handmade cards for every occasion, there's no doubt that the recipient will appreciate the extra effort. Even if you don't make every card from scratch, it's a thoughtful idea for a special occasion.

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