5 Home Renovation Ideas on a Small Budget

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Your home may be in need of a few renovations, but you don't want to break the bank to get the desired look. The good news is that thanks to the ever expanding do-it-yourself market, there are plenty of easy improvements that can be made by today's homeowners on a tight budget. The following guide offers five budget-friendly home renovation ideas that may not cost much, but can make a huge impact on the overall look of your home.

Use Second-Hand Components for Bathrooms/Kitchens

Use Second-Hand Components for Bathrooms/Kitchens Replace dingy kitchen cupboards or old washbasins in bathrooms to instantly spruce up the look of these commonly-used rooms. Consider purchasing second-hand cupboards, washbasins, countertops, and other components. eBay has thousands of second-hand kitchen and bathroom items available in excellent condition and at a fraction of the price of new components.

Refinish Cabinets

Refinish Cabinets It's amazing what a coat of finish and new hardware can do for worn, outdated kitchen cabinets. For an easy fix, regular latex paint can be used to brighten up kitchen cabinets. For an elegant designer look, however, consider applying a specially-made stain or finish to bring out the beauty of the wood. Kitchen cabinet finishes and stains come in a wide variety of colours and textures, and most of them are formulated so that the grain of the wood can come through.
Once they've been refinished, your cabinets will look even better with brand new hardware. For a contemporary kitchen, choose sleek chromes, wrought irons, and brasses in a simple style. For traditional and vintage style kitchens, feel free to indulge in ornate brass hardware with Victorian flourishes. When replacing hardware, don't forget to change out the old hinges as well.

Replace Window Curtains

Replace Window Curtains New window treatments can transform a room, especially if the curtains are worn and outdated. For a completely new and dramatic look, consider investing in inexpensive fabric roller blinds. These come in a wide variety of designer colours and can freshen up a room instantly. Another refreshing alternative to traditional curtains are horizontal Venetian blinds, which are also available in a variety of colours and sizes. For the ultimate in luxury, wood-veneer Venetian blinds provide a elegant look that's ideal for just about any décor. These come in popular veneers such as cherry, oak, maple, and bamboo, and while they're more expensive than metal or plastic blinds, they add a priceless, professional look to any room.
As for curtains, you can save a lot of money by stitching them up yourself. Curtain patterns are available at any pattern store, and plenty of free patterns can also be found online. Choose light, airy cotton fabrics that are inexpensive, or hunt down clearance sales. If you plan to buy curtains instead of making them yourself, use one of eBay's many handy guides on fabric curtains.

Replace Bathroom/Kitchen Tile

Replace Bathroom/Kitchen Tile The floor may not seem like the focal point of a room, but brand new flooring can completely transform the look of a kitchen or bathroom and brighten up the space. Fortunately for homeowners on a budget, tile is the cheapest kind of flooring available, and attractive styles can be found at bargain-basement prices.
Look for inexpensive, durable vinyl tile in attractive colours that complement the rest of the room. For contemporary décor and a more-formal look, consider installing vinyl tiles in elegant faux wood or faux marble finishes. For the bathroom, solid-coloured porcelain is often the cheapest option. However, this may be too boring for some tastes, so liven up the look by alternating colours in a pattern of your own design. Black and white tiles can create a smashing Art Deco appearance, while a combination of salmons, pinks, greens, and blues can give the bathroom a custom-designed look.

New Paint

New Paint This idea may seem like a simple solution, but it's surprising how different a room will look with a brand new paint colour. The trick is to make a complete change in paint colour, choosing a shade that will still match the room, but give it a completely different look than before. Just remember, darker shades tend to make rooms look more closed in, while lighter, brighter shades are ideal for opening up a smaller room and making it appear larger.
Also, try adding contrasting colours to the molding. For example, blue or green walls can be livened up with salmon-coloured molding. For added flair, doors can be painted in a contrasting shade as well.


Whether it's a fresh coat of paint or a new window shade, use your imagination to come up with a variety of budget-friendly options. Products and redecorating guides can be found online at various sites such as eBay.

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