5 Kitchen Shelving Renovation Ideas

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Kitchen shelves can add a fresh and exciting look to an older kitchen and create a feeling of openness. There are lots of ways to incorporate shelves into a kitchen renovation, and virtually unlimited options for décor and styling.

Turn Cabinets into Open Shelves

Turn Cabinets into Open Shelves One quick way to give a kitchen a face-lift with a twist is to simply remove the doors from existing kitchen cabinets or cupboards. It's a versatile way to update the room, since it's possible to remove just some of the doors instead of all of them. It's also a very cheap option, so it's a good one to try when the budget for a kitchen renovation is tight. Only a small handful of items and tools are needed to create this look: a screwdriver to remove the doors and hinges, filler to fill in the screw holes on the cabinets, sandpaper, and paint or stain to touch up the filled-in holes. Another advantage of this kitchen shelving renovation idea is that it's easy to reverse the changes if it turns out that the shelves don't look quite right without their doors.

Install Corner Shelves

Install Corner Shelves Bench space and shelf room are two things in a kitchen that are almost always in short supply. Adding one or two corner shelves is a great way to turn an unused corner into a new storage solution. It's especially useful for small kitchens where space is already at a premium, as turning a previously unused area of the room into a useful storage area can free up space in another location.
While creating large shelving units is a relatively complex task, adding a corner shelf or two can be both quick and easy, especially considering the variety of materials that can be found on online for building shelves or installing pre-made shelving units.

Add New Coat of Paint

Add New Coat of Paint Painting kitchen shelves, and even kitchen cabinets, is much easier than it used to be; it's now possible to get these jobs done without having to remove wall-mounted shelves and cabinets first. Cleaning, sanding, priming, and painting can all be done while the shelves are still mounted on the wall, so a shelving renovation job can be completed relatively quickly and conveniently.

Choose Free-Standing Shelving Units

Choose Free-Standing Shelving Units Fixed, permanent shelves and cabinets are preferred by many people, but there are some advantages to opting for free-standing shelving units instead. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that they can be moved and don't required complicated installation. Designing a kitchen layout requires some careful attention to the flow of the space, and when shelving units are movable, it's easy to modify and improve the flow without having to do any heavy-duty alterations. It's also much easier to update free-standing shelves in the future, either by replacing them, or by refinishing them with new paint or wood stain.

Replace Cabinets with Open Shelving

Replace Cabinets with Open Shelving Open shelving is a great way to make a small or closed-off kitchen feel airy and expansive. Floating wall-mounted shelves in particular are great for achieving this open feeling, as the box-like heaviness of cabinet-style shelving can make an enclosed space seem smaller than it really is.
One additional advantage of open shelving is that it's possible to change the look of the shelving by painting or papering the wall behind it, as well as by painting the shelves themselves. This opens up a lot of possibilities for décor and styling that make open shelves a versatile solution.

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