5 Must-have Drill Attachments

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5 Must-have Drill Attachments

The drill is one of the most useful and diverse tools available to mankind for home usage in today’s society. There are countless variations of the drill, which allow almost limitless different kinds of holes to be drilled. In order to overcome specific problems that have been encountered by drillers, several attachments have been manufactured and made available.

It is the intention of this guide to provide detailed information about 5 of these different kinds of drill attachment, so that the reader will know what to look for if they encounter one of the problems for which they are designed. Further, this guide will cover the reasons why eBay is such a great place to shop for drill attachments online.


Technically, the discovery of the drill took place over 35,000 years ago, when Homo sapiens first discovered the immense potential of rotational force. They would have consisted of little more than sticks and rocks at this time, used to craft very simple items. It was not until around 10,000 years ago that drills became mechanical, when primitives would tie a length of cord around a stick and a bow, to increase the power available. As human technology advanced over the next 10,000 years, the drill advanced alongside it. They became massive in size, power and capability.

Our modern drills are hand-held technical marvels, the result of an astounding historical legacy. However, they are now capable of more than just drilling, as the various handy attachments mentioned in this guide demonstrate.

The 5 Attachments

This section of the guide will detail each of the five attachments that will be covered in turn. The attachments are:

  • Right-angle attachment
  • Nibble/metal cutter
  • Masonry hammer
  • Circular saw
  • Grinding attachment

1 – Right-Angle Attachment

  • Sometimes, circumstances arrange themselves so that the angle at which drilling needs to be done is simply inoperable. This situation would cause a fairly enormous problem for many people. However, those equipped with a right-angle drilling attachment are able to simply drill around the corner.
  • Right angle attachments connect the drill and the drill bit, and have a 90 degree bend in the middle. This is incredibly useful when working within small, enclosed spaces.
  • It is worth considering the maximum RPM which will be achievable by the right-angle attachment (there will normally be a slight loss in speed and power).
  • Ensure that the attachment will fit both the drill and the drill bit in question; right-angle attachments tend only to fit one specific size and type of drill.

2 – Nibbler/Metal Cutter

  • A nibbler, or metal cutter, is a drill attachment which allows the owner of the drill to perform an additional function; cutting through metal. This is incredibly useful when metal needs to be resized and shaped, as without the right equipment it is impossible.
  • The nibbler can only cut through sheets of metal, as it is relatively small in size (to allow it to work with a regular drill). They are, however, capable of cutting straight lines, circles, and following complex patterns accurately.
  • There are limitations to the thickness of the metal sheets which nibblers are able to cut. As such, if considering using one, it is worth checking the thickness of the metal which needs cutting and comparing it to the attachments capabilities before making a purchase.

3 – Masonry Hammer

  • Drills are capable of creating neat holes in such materials as stone and brick. However, sometimes it is necessary to do more than create holes; some situations will call for the masonry to be broken apart entirely. Whilst regular drills are incapable of this, a masonry hammer attachment will enable it.
  • A masonry hammer employs a larger, heavier arm with a differently shaped point, which is more effective at breaking than drilling. The motion is different too; masonry hammers are required to oscillate backwards and forwards as opposed to spinning. The attachment transforms the circular motion generated by the drill into the right kind of movement.
  • This is a great, cost effective way of braking masonry apart with only a drill.

4 – Circular Saw

· Another fantastic addition to a drill’s array of applications is the circular saw.

· The drill-bit is inserted into the saw attachment mechanism. The circular motion created by using the drill is converted into the circular motion of the saw itself, minimising loss of power.

· Circular saws are extremely powerful cutting devices, allowing straight, regular lines to be cut into a number of different surfaces and materials. Wood is the most commonly used example, though other materials can also be cut into.

5 – Grinding Attachment

  • Drills, though extremely useful tools, will eventually lose their sharpness, and thus their cutting ability.
  • A grinding (or sharpening) attachment is an excellent way to remedy the situation of a blunt drill-bit.
  • The grinding attachment is affixed to the end of the drill, in direct contact with the drill-bit itself. The usual circular motion of the drill is then applied to the drill-bit. This results in the grinding away of the blunted edge, thus restoring the drill-bit to its maximum sharpness and optimum performance level.

How to Buy Drill Attachments on eBay

The website eBay allows users to bid on and buy a huge variety of products. This range of choice and the various user-friendly design features, combine to make eBay the perfect online means of shopping for drill attachments. This section of the guide will explain how to use eBay to do so.

  • Begin from the eBay homepage. From here, various product categories can be accessed via hyperlinks. Follow the links to the Home & Gardening section, followed by the Tools sub-category. Next, use the search bar to search within this category. Type drill attachments (or a more specific phrase if known) into the bar and press enter or click search to achieve the desired results.
  • The item listings are the lists of products that are displayed in the centre of the page. Items are represented by thumbnail images and short text descriptions. The items displayed can be customised and refined according to the user’s needs. To do this, simply activate one of the various filtering options. These options include price, condition, and seller’s location. Further, ‘auction’ allows the user to bid on the products, whereas ‘buy it now’ lists only products which can be bought for fixed prices.
  • Clicking on an item takes the user to that item’s individual information page. This page contains details and information about the product, in addition to user feedback and ratings pertaining to the seller’s history and reputation, which allow the user to make a more informed choice.
  • The Deals section of the website features a huge amount of special offers, including many different products at bargain prices. Check this section regularly to get the most out of eBay.


Drill attachments allow a diverse array of different specific tasks to be performed, making the drill a more versatile tool. This guide set out to highlight 5 must-have drill attachments, which are essential for anyone who uses a drill on a regular basis. These five attachments were:

  • Right-angle attachment
  • Nibbler/metal cutter
  • Masonry hammer
  • Circular Saw
  • Grinding Attachment

This guide concludes that eBay is the perfect online destination for shopping for drill attachments, thanks to its enormous and varied selection, with its helpful, simple, and intuitive user interface.

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