5 Pantry Shelving Renovation Ideas

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5 Pantry Shelving Renovation Ideas

Pantry shelving can have a significant impact on the utility and enjoyment of a kitchen, so if the existing pantry doesn’t meet your needs, a renovation may be in order. Read the following guide for a few helpful shelving renovation ideas.


1. Create an Open Plan

An open plan shelving installation focuses on flexibility and universal utility, foregoing the cramped and dense designs of the past for an airier layout. Explore shelf designs that provide a deep, broad surface with minimal supporting beams to maximise the available storage surfaces and access to items. A uniform and spacious shelving design can be adapted as needed using baskets, bins, and other individualised storage solutions.


2. Add Specialised Modules

A variety of purpose-built products are available online on sites like eBay that can provide additional functionality to any pantry. Swinging racks and pull-out bins can help keep the space organised while keeping all items within reach. Products intended specifically to hold dishes, cutlery, or jars and bottles will help to impose a convenient order on items that have a tendency to clutter up pantry spaces. Identify the main pantry problem (such as disorganised spices or hard-to-reach baking staples), and use that problem as a starting point to find a specialised solution.


3. Remove or Replace the Pantry Door

Sometimes, the biggest issue with pantry shelving is not the shelves, but the access to them. A door can seriously hinder a pantry’s use and block the space off from the rest of the kitchen. Consider removing the door entirely, or replace it with a glass-fronted curtain or folding alternative that can open up the pantry visually and make it easier to access what’s inside. When paired with a redesign of the pantry itself, this solution can be an aesthetic upgrade, allowing you to show off your neatly organised shelves and stylish bins and jars. Removing the door entirely will bring the pantry space into the rest of the kitchen, increasing the perceived floor area of the whole room while simultaneously improving kitchen storage.


4. Use Rods and Dividers

Rods and dividers can be a flexible solution for imposing order on a pantry in disarray. A variety of specialised products are available that can be placed and moved as necessary, including curtain rods that can be used as an effective way to separate stored dishes, pans, and other items. Simply purchase tension curtain rods of the appropriate size and install them vertically within the shelves. For added stability, consider creating holding notches using a power router tool to cut out small circles in the shelves. Placing the ends of the rods in the holes will ensure that the rod doesn’t fall if bumped.


5. Add Cabinetry

If clutter is simply out of control, or if many infrequently used items are stored in the pantry, adding cabinetry can be a good way to keep the disorganisation separate from the rest of the shelves and stored goods. While purpose-built products are available to permanently install cabinets into the shelving, the solution can be as simple as buying a small bureau or chest of drawers that can be easily slid onto the shelf to use as necessary.

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