5 Places to Shop for Baby Stuff

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A pair of baby NIKE sneakers costs from $50 and a baby top from Country Road can easily cost $40.  Despite how ridiculously the baby stuffs are, parents often find those things too cute to not put on their babies. So how do you not blow off all your hard savings and still buy all or if not most things you want for your little ones?
1. Shop Online is often cheaper than shopping in the department stores
Sites you can go to and find great deals are eBay, Amazon, Gumtree, Etsy etc
2. Target and other discount stores often have very good bargains
I was surprised by the quality as well as the unbelievable cheap prices of the kid clothes that Target offers. Most of them are made in China, just as most other things in the retail market, but they are mostly designed outside China and passed through quality check by Target. So what you are getting is fashionable good quality clothes for your kid, and you won't find it in mass quantities in China. A friend of mine was asked by her Chinese friends to export Target baby clothing for their kids.

3. Sales is on all year around in most department stores
Know what you want, and buy them when there is a sales on. Myers and DJ normally have specials on every weekend, and mid season sales, EOFY sales and X'mas Sales are the good times to buy. Know the limit! You don't need to buy everything!
4. Write down the things that you like or you think your baby will like, categorize them into Must-Have, Maybe, Emmmm..
Women are emotional and can be impulsive when it comes to shopping. So don't buy things out of emotion. Just because you like it now, doesn't mean you will like it the next day. Toys and clothes can wait, so sleep on the idea and justify how much your baby can benefit from playing with the toy and how many pieces of new clothes that you have stored up and she still haven't worn.. Make rational decisions.
4. Exchange toys with other Mom's.
Not everything needs to be new. Babies grow very fast, so the toys they played in early ages can still be as new. Like soft book, play mat, swings, push trolley etc. Some moms may have unworn baby clothes because they received so many as gifts or they bought so many but the baby just grew too fast and didn't have a chance to wear all of them! A few friends of mine are in the list. This normally happens to unexperienced new moms, who gets excited whenever they see a cute thing!
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