5 Renovation Ideas for the Garage

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5 Renovation Ideas for the Garage

Garages function best as a multi-use area. By choosing the right layout and fittings, the space can be used for storage, as a workspace for hobbies, or as a place for kids to play.

Here are five renovation tips to maximise the use of this space.


Install Carpet

This might sound like an odd idea for a garage, but durable carpet transforms a garage from “just a garage” into a room that has the comfort to house people when it needs to. The best choice for a garage is a dark shade like charcoal, in a polypropylene fibre carpet such as Autex, designed for high-traffic areas, so it will stand up to being driven on regularly.

With carpet installed, a garage can be transformed instantly into a party venue, game room, or movie theatre. The car can be moved out for the day, and with a quick vacuum and furniture rearrangement, it will be ready for its intended purpose.


Create Hidden Storage

While open shelves and exposed peg board can have an industrial charm of their own if the aim is to create a space that can serve multiple uses. To make a room serve all purposes equally well, it should be treated like any other room in the house, valuing style as well as function.

A good way to achieve this is to place storage behind sliding doors and inside stylish cabinetry; kitchen cabinetry may fit the bill here better than traditional garage cabinetry. Peg board and other classic garage storage solutions can still be used, but by placing them behind sliding doors, the garage can be shut away when it’s time for the room to wear a different hat.

Peg board can be easily painted to match the colour scheme for the room, either in plain block colour or with contrast colour accents, and task lighting should be installed behind the doors to light the workspace.


Think Upwards

Many garages have high ceilings, presenting an amount of space waiting to be converted into something great. A loft with a pull-down loft ladder is a fantastic addition to a garage with available ceiling height, providing either extra storage or even a cosy extra bedroom for guests.

Another use of the space close to the ceiling is for drying laundry. The air near the ceiling is normally the warmest in any room; an airing rack can be suspended in a corner and lowered with a pulley to hang laundry on it. When not in use, the rack can sit out of the way, suspended up near the ceiling.


Install Stylish Lighting

If the aim is for this to be a room that is enjoyable to use, it should be made comfortable and visually appealing.

Work areas, such as above work benches, will need task lighting. Bright, targeted light illuminating the workspace is key to the success of any craft or hobby, so look for lighting that is able to be easily directed where it is needed. Choose stylish fittings that will add to the look of the room, but be sure they are functional, too.

Aside from task lighting, the room will need ambient lighting, or generalised light. Down lights are a great option, especially if paired with a dimmer.


Choose Adaptable Furniture

Furniture in a multi-purpose room needs to be practical yet stylish, functional and adaptable for different purposes. Bench seats with cushion tops are easy to move around to provide seating, then just as simply tucked away under work benches when the car is brought back inside.

A small table on castor wheels can be used as a coffee table or a kids’ craft table, while lightweight chests with cushions on top can provide storage or be pulled out for more seating.

The garage should be designed for comfort, functionality, and versatility. Check online retailers for the materials needed to make your ideal space.

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