5 Steps to Buy on Ebay

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This guide will briefly explain how to bid and on and buy an item on ebay.  Below are step by step instructions on how to do this:

1.  Log in to your ebay account and then click on the 'Buy' tab at the top of the page.

2.  Then type in the product you are looking for, example. armani (if you are after something branded).

3.  You also have the option to be more specific by specifiying what category to search in, this is usefull because sometimes you can large volumes of results for an item if you are too general.  You may choose clothing if you are looking for armani clothing.

4.  Then scroll through the pages searching for what you're after.  When something grabs your attention, click on the link and it will give you details about how much the bidding price and/or Buy It Now price is.

5.  The Buy It Now price is a fixed price which you can purchase the item for immediately.  Don't forget to consider the shipping costs as well.

It is also important to look at the available payment methods for the item(s) you want to buy.  For e.g. if you want to buy something and the only available payment method is paypal and you do not have a pay pal account before you bid.  It can take some time to set a pay pal account up and most sellers expect payment within 3 days of the end of bidding.



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