5 Things to Consider When Buying a Chainsaw

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5 Tips on Buying a Chainsaw

A saw.
No matter which type of saw the buyer opts for, there are options that all buyers must consider. Here are five important considerations which may prove invaluable to the buyer, depending on the intended use of the chainsaw.


1. Electric versus Gas/Petrol

The biggest consideration when purchasing a chainsaw is choosing between a gas/petrol or electric model. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, but generally the buyer should consider what job they will be using the chainsaw for when making a decision.


An electric chainsaw is lighter weight than heavy gas powered models. The light weight makes them ideal for pruning trees. They are generally quieter than their gas counterparts, and easier to operate in a residential area without disturbing neighbours. Because an electric chainsaw depends on electricity for its power, there is no need for expensive fuel. Despite the many benefits of an electric chainsaw, there are some drawbacks. Electric chainsaws usually require a cord, which can get in the way of sawing and create a safety hazard. There are battery powered chainsaws available, but they do not hold a charge very long and tend to have very weak motors. An electric chainsaw will more than likely be unable to effectively complete large jobs such as cutting down a tree, but can be ideal for small projects around the yard.


Gas/petrol powered chainsaws may be heavier than their electric counterparts, but most are far tougher. They have the ability to cut down an entire tree with ease. The buyer can swap bars on a gas powered chain saw to cut through bigger materials - a big bar will cut down a large tree easier than a small bar. A gas/petrol powered chainsaw runs on a mixture of gas/petrol and oil, which can be messy and expensive. The gas/petrol powered units are also very noisy and may disturb neighbours. The lack of a cord makes a gas powered chainsaw far more mobile. The user can easily take the chainsaw out into the brush to saw firewood without having to worry about having an electrical outlet nearby.

2. Ignition

Chainsaws that feature an electronic ignition or variable ignition start far easier than the old pull string models. They usually fire right up. With older, pull string models the user has to pull the string repeatedly and with force to turn the motor and start it. If the user is not physically fit, the process may be exhausting.


3. Throttle Interlock

.Any time a user is consider which type of ignition he wants his saw to have, he should not overlook the added safety feature of finding a saw that has a throttle interlock. Chainsaws are one of the most dangerous pieces of yard equipment a homeowner can operate. A throttle interlock is a safety feature that requires two triggers to be activated to start the engine to avoid accidental starts.


4. Catalytic Converters

Gas/petrol powered chain saws often spew black smoke, but models that have catalytic converters installed produce fewer emissions and are better for the environment. If the user is environmentally conscious, he may want to consider only looking at newer models that boast the catalytic converter.


5. Comfort Accessories

Operating a chainsaw can take a toll on the users arms and upper body because of the saw’s natural vibration. A buyer should always consider the chainsaw models that feature comfort accessories. A chain saw that comes equipped with a sprocket-tip cutting bar will not vibrate excessively. Plus the sprocket-tip cutting bar will help the chain last longer by reducing friction. A chains saw with a pre-installed vibration isolator also works to reduce the saw’s overall vibration while running, which helps prevent fatigue in the user. A heated handle may sound like a luxury, but in inclement weather it is a nice feature that provides comfort on a cold day and reduces the physical discomfort that the user may experience using a saw that does not have such a luxury feature.


Finding and Buying a Chainsaw on eBay

There are many used and new chainsaws available for sale and auction on eBay. A buyer can sit in the comfort of their own home and shop for the model they want by entering the search criteria into eBay’s search bar. Prior to bidding on the chainsaw or buying one through eBay’s “Buy it Now” option, the buyer should always check the seller’s feedback score. Some sellers also have a “Make an Offer” button on their listing which allows the buyer to make a cash offer directly to the seller. The seller can opt to accept, reject, or counter the offer.



Once the buyer has determined which saw will work for their overall needs, they should have very little trouble locating their choice of chainsaw on eBay’s huge online auction site.

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