5 Things to Consider when Buying a Lawn Mower

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5 Things to Consider when Buying a Lawn Mower

Buying a lawn mower is a significant purchase for homeowners who need a machine that gets the job done and fits their lifestyle, but sorting through the available models and accessories sometimes feels overwhelming. The right lawn mower is easy to use and has what a homeowner needs to keep his or her property looking great. When purchasing a lawn mower, shoppers should consider the types of lawn mowers available as well as the size and type of yard they have.


1. Types of lawn mowers

A lawn mower falls into one of two primary categories determined by how the user operates it. A user walks behind a push mower and moves it by pushing across the yard, while a user sits on a riding mower and uses a steering wheel or lever system to operate it.

People also classify lawn mowers by their power methods. A push reel mower relies solely on the force of the person pushing it to cut grass, an electric mower runs on electricity provided through a cord or battery, and a petrol-powered mower uses petrol for fuel. Push reel mowers are environmentally friendly and produce no emissions, while electric mowers are generally quieter than petrol-powered mowers.


2. Yard size

Yard size is an important consideration, as it helps the homeowner choose the right type of mower and deck width best suited for a property. Generally, push mowers work well for yards smaller than 2,000 square metres, while riding mowers make it easy to maintain larger pieces of land. Homeowners who live on tracts larger than 12,000 square metres should consider a zero turn riding mower or garden tractor that cover large areas of land in less time.

Similarly, yard size indicates the best type of power source for a mower. Corded electric lawn mowers do not usually have a long enough cord to let the mower reach across large yards, but typically work well for smaller lots. Petrol-powered mowers generally have the power owners need to maintain large lots or tracts of land.


3. Terrain

Flat yards are often simple to maintain with a basic push mower. However, many homes have decorative features like flower beds, garden benches, and trees, which do not permit lawn mowers to move in straight lines across the property. When mowing landscaped yards, owners need a lawn mower that easily changes direction so that they have the ability to cut around such features.

Front-wheel drive push mowers and zero turn mowers work well for landscaped yards, because they stop and turn with ease. Homeowners who live on hilly land may want to look for a self-propelled walk-behind mower, as these have the power to move up and down inclines with relative ease.


4. Maintenance

Properly maintained lawn mowers often last longer than those that receive little attention from their owner. Before purchasing a lawn mower, a consumer should consider how much maintenance the mower requires and whether he or she has the knowledge and skill required to do the work.

Regular maintenance for a lawn mower includes inspecting it before use to make sure everything is working properly, checking the oil level, and removing any grass clippings or debris. Owners should also make sure to replace damaged or worn blades, change the oil, and replace the air filter seasonally. The manufacturer may also suggest additional maintenance recommendations.


5. Attachments and accessories

Lawn mowers generally offer a variety of attachments and accessories to choose from. Some feature detachable bags to collect the grass clippings, while others automatically create mulch to naturally fertilise the grass. Garden tractors often come with hitches that let a user attach box hitches or utility carts in order to transport items or prepare the ground for gardening.

Other popular accessories include lawn sweepers that do the work of a rake, as well as vacuums to pick up leaves and other debris. When selecting a lawn mower, homeowners need to consider which accessories they may find useful.


How to buy lawn mowers on eBay

Shopping for lawn care equipment is simple on eBay, where you find a selection of mowers from popular brands such as John Deere and Murray. Start with a general search for "lawn mowers" by using the search bar available on any eBay page. For specific search results, refine your search by adding descriptive details like the manufacturer's name, power source, or size. Review the listings carefully, and take your time to inspect photos and ask a seller any questions you may have. This can help ensure a positive shopping experience, as well as help you choose the best lawn mower for your lawn and lifestyle.

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