5 Tips to Keep Your Treadmill Running Smoothly

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5 Tips to Keep Your Treadmill Running Smoothly

In order to enjoy your treadmill for a long time and get the most out of its functions, you need to maintain it at a certain standard. Two of the most important things to consider are the cleanliness of the machine as well as the condition of the belt. Keeping the treadmill free of dust and the conveyor belt well-lubricated are essential maintenance tips for any type of treadmill.

It is often recommended by fitness equipment manufacturers to perform a yearly maintenance by a professional technician in order to increase the lifespan of the machine. However, there are a few tips that can help users maintain their fitness equipment in good condition between their professional appointments. The tips below can be of help when it comes to keeping a treadmill up and running.

Tip 1: Inspect Your Treadmill Regularly

Working out on a fitness machine that is faulty can result in serious accidents. For this reason, you should inspect the machine prior to each workout. Some of the most important things to watch out for are any loose bolts and screws and whether the running deck is dry. If it is, it may need lubrication before use. You should also have a look at the running belt for any signs of wear and tear. A common problem with thee running belt is that it may become frayed around the edges. The frame of the treadmill is subject to constant pounding and vibration during use, which means that its bolts may loosen up over time. You can use a hex key to inspect the frame of your treadmill for any loose screws and bolts. If you find any that are loose, tighten them, but be careful not to over tighten them.

Tip 2: Clean the Treadmill After Each Use

After each use, make sure you wipe down the sweat from the machine. Liquids can cause rust over time, which in turn can hinder the aesthetics and the functionality of your treadmill. The cleaning can be done with a dry or slightly moist rag or towel. Areas that need attention are the console, frame, and handrails. Any metal components should be checked in order to make sure they are dry. The perimeter of the walking deck should be cleaned once or twice a week, because this is an area where dust and debris accumulate inevitably. Whether it is because of dirt from the shoes used for training or poor air circulation in the house, contaminants can easily find their way beneath the belt, which may accelerate its wear.

Clean the Area Underneath the Treadmill

The dust from underneath the treadmill should also be removed regularly. This is an area about many treadmill owners forget when it comes to cleaning the machine. Even though it may not be that obvious, dust can bind to the walking belt and end up quite quickly inside the motor bonnet. Use a vacuum with an extender wand to remove the dust and debris from underneath the treadmill. If you want to get even easier access, you can fold up the machine in its storage position before starting cleaning.

Clean the Deck

The deck of a treadmill is one of the most expensive parts of the machine and you should pay special attention to it. Some treadmill decks require waxing and the wax should be applied by the user or it may be applied automatically from an internal reservoir, depending on the model. If your treadmill has an internal reservoir, make sure you keep it full. In addition to that, make sure the surface of the deck is clean from dirt. You should give it a wipe down with a soft cloth at least once a week.

Tip 3: Lubricate the Belt of the Treadmill

Each treadmill model has specific lubrication requirements and you should refer to the owner's guide for more information about how often to perform this operation. In most cases, newer treadmills do not require lubrication. If you own a model that requires belt lubrication, though, the owner's manual should inform you how to do this. A lubrication schedule should also be included. Not all models are the same, but generally you may need to lubricate the belt every three, six, or twelve months. Silicone wax, or 100 per cent silicone, is often used for lubrication, depending on the instructions provided by the manufacturer. In order to lubricate the running belt of your treadmill, lift it and spray the silicone or silicone wax up and down.

In the majority of cases, the manufacturer provides buyers with lubricant when they buy a new treadmill and it is recommended not to use another type. You should be careful when lubricating the treadmill as the lubricant may stain the floor. A towel can be placed underneath the treadmill in order to protect it from dripping lubricant.

Tip 4: Set the Tension of the Belt

If the running belt feels like it is slipping under your feet, it means that it became loose. The tension of the running belt should be checked out regularly. You can do this easily by lifting the middle of the belt on the side of the machine. When you do this, you should be able to lift it about 10 centimetres off the deck of the treadmill. If you think the belt is too loose or too tight, use the rear roller bolts on the back end of the machine to adjust it to the level recommended by the manufacturer.

Tip 5: Perform Routine Maintenance to Your Treadmill

Performing a routine maintenance to your treadmill is essential for keeping the machine in tip top condition. You should remember to always disconnect the machine from power prior to cleaning it. This eliminates the risk of electrical shock. You should verify that the power cord is unplugged before performing any kind of maintenance on your treadmill. Besides the routine maintenance described in the tips above, you should also check the motor each month and eliminate and dust particles that may have accumulated on it. This is important for prolonging the life of the electrical component.

How to Buy a Treadmill on eBay

Treadmills come in a wide variety of models and they are available in different sizes. With so many models and brands available, shopping for a treadmill can be confusing. As this may often be a large purchase, you need to consider a few factors before making a decision. Having a look at as many models as possible is perhaps the easiest way to find the right treadmill for your needs and budget. You can easily do so on eBay, as the website offers a large selection of fitness machines for all budgets and preferences.

Type the word 'treadmill' into the search bar of the website to get instant access to eBay's entire selection. You can also perform a specific search, for example if you are looking for an electric treadmill or deals on exercise equipment. If you want to find a new or used treadmill even quicker, you can refine the search results by price, brand, location of the seller, and more.


A treadmill is one of the basic pieces of fitness equipment and if you have one in your home, you need to make sure it remains in good condition. This is essential for an enjoyable workout as well as for your safety. Just like any other machine, a treadmill requires a bit of regular maintenance. This includes cleaning and performing a series of operations such as lubricating the belt and tightening bolts.

When buying a treadmill in specialised stores or on websites such as eBay, you should check out the warranties provided by the manufacturer. Most treadmills come with at least a one year warranty, but high-end machines may even have a lifetime warranty on frames. Regardless of the length of the warranty, remember to check the machine regularly to make it run like new for a long period of time.

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