5 Wheel Accessories

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Wheels and tyres are not just a critical functional feature of vehicles. With the right accessories, they can also become aesthetic enhancements, adding personality and unique detail to the vehicle. Whether it is a sporty show-off car or a recreational vehicle used for family vacations, wheel accessories enable drivers to put some of their own identity into the look of their vehicle while also enhancing the look and appearance of their wheels. Car owners should be aware of five wheel accessories.
Hub covers

Hub covers Drivers can call attention to their vehicles and create a lasting impression while protecting the integrity of the wheels by adding hub covers. These discs go over the central portion of the front of the wheel. This piece, which can consist of either plastic or metal, has the dual purpose of both protecting the wheel from damage caused by moisture, vehicle fluids, dirt, and other substances and adding a flair of decoration. The original hub covers, also sometimes referred to as hubcaps, featured nickel plating over brass. Later, aluminium, steel, and chrome became popular. Some manufacturers use alloys, magnesium, and painted steel to create a variety of finishes.


Rims Rims are one of the most popular ways of enhancing the look of tyres on a vehicle. Sometimes consumers inappropriately apply the term "rims" to the wheels that are on a car, truck, or SUV when it rolls out of the factory because, unlike hub covers, the rims are an actual part of the wheel, itself, rather than an accessory added to the front of the wheel. In reality, rims are the outer edge of the wheel, which is where the tyre attaches to the wheel so that it moves the vehicle. Though there are many types, custom and specialty rims add incredible appeal and flash to all types of vehicles. Most often, manufacturers craft specialty and custom rims from alloys; chrome; or another shiny, appealing substance. Though the main purpose of basic rims is to create durability and strength for the wheels, specialty and custom rims elevate basic tyres to a look that is attention-catching and impressive.

Wheel locks

Wheel locks Rims are a gorgeous addition to virtually any vehicle, but as good as they look to the consumer who purchased and installed them, they look just as good to other people who may be interested in adding that look to their own vehicle without going through the process of purchasing them. This is where wheel locks are helpful. These simple, subtle tools secure rims in place and are only removable with specialty keys that come with the lock set. Consumers can simply replace one or more of the lug nuts in their wheels with these locks using a torque wrench.

Wheel weights

Wheel weights Equalising the weight of the wheel assembly and the tyre ensures that it spins effectively and smoothly even when the vehicle is moving at very high speeds. No tyres are actually the same weight all the way around, making them off balance. Even the slightest imbalance, however, leads to skipping and uneven motion, particularly when going fast. Adding wheel weights creates better balance in the centrifugal force, allowing the tyres to rotate smoothly. Once a consumer determines where the imbalances exist and the degree to which the tyres are imbalanced, he can add wheel weights to correct the issue and improve tyre performance.


Spinners For those who want to really embellish the look of their vehicle and make a personal statement, spinners provide a look that is truly unique and impressive. These wheel covers act as an ornament for the centre of a wheel. Originally designed for the functional purpose of actually holding the tyre to the wheel, spinners developed into aesthetic details after the development of the lug nut made using a cap to hold the tyre in place obsolete. Many contemporary versions of the spinner cap maintain the elaborate crisscross wiring of original spinners, while others feature bolder chrome blades radiating from the centre. These blades continue moving even when the vehicle is stopped, simulating motion and creating a flashy look.

How to buy wheel accessories on eBay

Shopping on eBay for wheel accessories puts a tremendous assortment of accessories right at your fingertips, giving you the convenience of being able to shop for the accessories you want for your vehicles without the need to leave your home. Start searching for the perfect accessories by typing "wheel accessories" into the search bar on any page. To narrow the options even further, specify the brand or type of accessory you want and search for top sellers and high-value bundles.
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