5 of the Most Effective Worm Treatments for Dogs

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It is never a good feeling when dog owners realise something is wrong with their beloved pets. Worms are insidious parasites that dogs can pick up quickly during walks and playtime outdoors. Worms grow and reproduce quickly, and it is important for owners to treat worms as soon as possible with canine dewormers before the parasites cause significant health problems. Finding the most effective worm treatments for dogs simply requires conducting some research to determine the top products.

Types of worms

Untreated worms can eventually cause significant health problems in dogs. Puppies sometimes get their first exposure to worms from their mothers. Dogs that live outside are more likely to have worms, but indoor dogs are not immune to them either, mainly because of fleas.


Tapeworms get their name from their long shape that looks like a strip of tape. This worm reproduces by breaking off pieces of itself and releasing the pieces into the dog's stool. Tapeworms are large enough for owners to see the evidence in the stool.


Roundworms have a spaghetti-like shape and are sometimes visible in a dog's stool, particularly if the dog has a serious infestation. These worms cause weight loss, diarrhea, and vomiting as well as pain in the abdominal area. Because roundworms are not always visible, veterinarians may need to do a stool exam.


Hookworms are very dangerous, particularly for puppies, younger dogs, and infirm dogs. These types of worms are microscopic and have small hook-like features that allow them to attach to intestinal walls. Hookworms live off their host's blood, and dogs can become anaemic very quickly.


Whipworms are long and extremely thin, like their namesakes. They can produce anaemia and make dogs extremely ill due to lack of appetite and extremely loose stools. Because they are microscopic, they are impossible to conclusively diagnose without a veterinarian's help.


Coccidia are less likely to infect older dogs, but puppies are extremely sensitive to the parasites. They cause diarrhoea and multiply quickly, which overwhelms a younger dog's immune system very quickly. Coccidia may show up in a dog with a compromised immune system, and a veterinarian may check for them if other treatments do not work.

Drontal Plus

Drontal Plus Drontal Plus is available as a chewable tablet that dogs are more likely to eat because it passes as a treat. This product is a broad-spectrum dewormer, which means it kills multiple types of worms, including hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms, in dogs of more than three weeks of age.

Panacur C

Panacur C Panacur C is a common remedy for dogs with whipworm and sometimes the giardia parasite. It is also a broad-spectrum medication that treats hookworms, tapeworms, and occasionally other types of worms and bugs. Panacur C is for dogs of more than six weeks of age.

Albon Tabs or suspension liquid

Albon Tabs or suspension liquid treats coccidia in young puppies. It is an effective antibiotic, and veterinarians sometimes recommend it for other issues, as well. The choice of dosing gives owners two options for giving the medication to their dogs.

WormX Plus

WormX Plus WormX Plus combats hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. The active ingredients combine two broad-spectrum medications, pyrantel pamoate and praziquantel, to produce maximum effectiveness. Chewable tablets make dosing easier for dog owners.


Safe-Guard Some dogs do not like any type of medication, even flavoured chewables. Safe-Guard is a powder that owners can sprinkle on their dogs' food. The dewormer works to eliminate tapeworms, whipworms, hookworms, and roundworms.

Testing for worms in dogs

Dog owners often see evidence of worms in stools or vomit. During the beginning stages of infestation, however, they are not always visible to the naked eye. Veterinarians may ask owners to bring a recent stool sample with them to the office, or they may obtain a sample from the dog and examine it under a microscope. Because many types of worms are microscopic, testing helps with early detection.

How to buy worm treatments for dogs on eBay

If you are looking for the most effective worm treatments for dogs, it is best to determine which specific type of worm you need to treat. Many dog dewormers are broad-spectrum products that eliminate multiple types of worms. Type the phrase "dog dewormer" into the search bar on any eBay page. If you already know the specific brand you prefer, then search using the product name and use the categories to narrow the results.
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