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How to and which crystal to use?

We have been trading in antique chandeliers and crystals since 1967.  Over these years we have gained enormous experience in all aspects of antique and vintage chandeliers including cleaning and repairing.  How to?  Link Almond and Pendant crystals to the chandelier body? To allow the crystal to drape or hang perpendicularly from the chandelier the Almond or Pendant crystal is first linked with a small intermediate crystal. Almond crystals are conventionally linked with a faceted, even-sided crystal know as a Button. The button has a hole top and bottom. An annealed metal pin joins the almond crystal to the bottom hole in the button crystal. The top hole in the button crystal is then used to link the pair of crystals to the chandelier body using fine wire. Pendant crystals are linked with a pressed glass Daisy which has one central hole. Fine wire is twisted through the daisies central hole and then into the pendant crystal.  How to? Repair the crystal links of a basket chandelier? Basket chandeliers are constructed using size graduated crystals known as Chain Buttons. The shape of the chandelier determines the order in graduation of the chain buttons. For example in a simple basket chandelier the chain buttons will be linked with the largest at the top of the chandelier graduating to the smallest to form the bottom of the basket.  
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