6 Essential LED Motorcycle Lights

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6 Essential LED Motorcycle Lights

The term LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode, which is a type of bright, energy efficient lighting system. LEDs are widely used in household and vehicular lighting because they burn bright without using much power. Many motorcycle owners gravitate towards LED lights because they have a longer lifespan and they look great. The fact they have high impact resistance and produce only a small amount of heat is a bonus. LED lights also illuminate faster than regular bulbs which is useful in emergency situations. A biker who wants to improve road visibility and style can accomplish this by purchasing and installing several essential LED motorcycle lights, including accent lights, turn signal lights, tail lights, head lights, and saddlebag lid rail lights.

Defining LED Lights

Buyers who plan to purchase motorcycle LED lights often look for listings that feature large numbers of individual LED lights per product. However, more LEDs do not always indicate greater light output. In fact, buyers should consider the luminous output that they need for their light application. The luminous output refers to the measurement of lumens that indicates the total amount of visible light emanating from the product. Other factors that distinguish LED types include lifespan, and consistency of colour and luminous output. These factors are broken down by LED quality, integration, and binning. When buyers are ready to upgrade their motorcycle lights to LED, the following motorcycle LED lights are the first place to start.

Essential LED Motorcycle Light #1: Accent Lights

Many bikers add accent lights to their motorcycles to showcase their personal style. However, accent lights are also a safety feature; they increase visibility, which can be a lifesaver when driving at night. LED motorcycle accent lights are generally small and lightweight; therefore, they do not hinder the rider's comfort or visibility. Additionally, they do not consume a lot of energy, so riders can make a statement without worrying about energy cost, as long as they stay within legal range. Some riders add accent lights to various sections of the motorcycle, and some riders customise their system to create light shows with a remote control. LED motorcycle accents kits include some or all of the following: multiple light clusters, switches or remotes, fuse and fuse holders, wiring accessories, and installation instructions.

Essential LED Motorcycle Light #2: Turn Signals

Sometimes motorcycle owners stay away from LED turn signals, but only due to the fact that some LED indicator lights need a load equaliser or load resistor to control the turn signal unit. Some riders also use a turn signal unit that is non-load dependent. Originally, the turn signal unit in the motorcycle required a set amount of current to be active, and many of the bulbs flash faster as the bulbs burn out. Given that the LED lights use a lot less current than regular bulbs, the turn signal unit flashes faster, thinking that the bulbs are burning out. Some manufacturers build LED turn signal lights to counter this issue; but for those that do not specify that feature, buyers should get a load resistor for front and back separately, if both lights are replaced with LED

Essential LED Motorcycle Light #3: Tail Lights

LEDs are ideal for motorcycle tail lights. Even a low 6 Watt LED bulb illuminates with the same power as a 35 Watt regular bulb, yet it utilises a lot less energy. A typical LED can last up to 50,000 hours on average, which is about 40 times longer than an incandescent bulb. Therefore, a LED motorcycle tail light is more convenient, safer, and less expensive over the long run.

Essential LED Motorcycle Light #4: Headlights

LED motorcycle headlights are whiter and brighter than their counterparts, and thus provide superior lighting to standard headlamps. Halogen bulbs have a typical yellowish hue, which does not always show a clear path, especially at night. However, LED headlights produce a daylight radiance that appears more like natural light.

Essential LED Motorcycle Light #5: Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

Every motorcycle owner should install LED DLRs on their motorcycle for their own personal safety. Users usually install these lights on the front of the motorcycle in sets of two, and they automatically come on once the vehicle begins moving. They illuminate night or day to increase the visibility of the motorcycle during operation. DLRs serve as an additional safety feature, and while they are not required by law, some road safety groups advocate that they be made mandatory.

Essential LED Motorcycle Light #6: Saddlebag Lid Rail Light

Saddlebag lid rail lights are quite versatile. They can work as back running lights, and also as a brake light. Users mount them in the centre at the back of the motorcycle so that vehicles following directly behind the bike can see it clearly, no matter what time of day it is.

Comparison of Lights

Lights come in varying shapes, sizes, functions, and price points. Before purchasing a new or used item, it is important to determine the potential cost of such necessary component of a motorbike.

Light Type

Relative Cost

Accent Lights

$$ to $$$$

Turn Signals

$$ to $$$

Tail Lights

$ to $$


$$$ to $$$$

Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

$ to $$$$

Saddlebag Lid Rail Light

$$$ to $$$$$

Each manufacturer offers a basic an elite version of their products, so price points are not firm, they are always relative. Purchasing a used light set can be an economical way to upgrade existing light features, or add them in for the first time.

How to Buy LED Motorcycle Lights on eBay

It is easy to find and purchase motorcycle LED lights on eBay. You can start by entering " motorcycle LED lights " into the search box on any eBay page. Once the list is loaded, browse through the listings to find items that appeal to you. If you already know the make and model of LED lights you want to purchase, you can skip the browsing process and performing a specific search in the beginning. For instance, if you want only motorcycle LED headlights , input those keywords in the search field to filter out all other types of LED lights. All motorcycle owners should consider utilising the aforementioned list of essential LED motorcycle lights to improve their visibility and road safety. You can easily find these lights on eBay through their powerful search engine and easy-to-use filters.

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