6 Tips on How to Buy Suede Boots

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6 Tips on How to Buy Suede Boots

Suede is a popular style of boot with many men in Australia, largely because of their distinct appearance and vintage appeal. They can be worn in both a formal and informal manner, depending on the required style.

Although suede boots may have a similar exterior, there are many different styles available for consumers on the market. When coming to make a purchase, the Internet is the best place to evaluate an extended amount of boots in line with personal preferences.

One website suited for this is eBay, which has numerous amounts of suede boots available for prices potentially lower than can be found elsewhere. This guide will look at 6 tips on how to buy suede boots in respect to using the eBay website.

A Look at Suede

Suede is formed after the underside of leather is sanded down until a napped finish ensues. This is basically when the fibres of the leather have been raised up, giving a fuzzy feel when touched.

Suede comes from the underside of animal skin, commonly sheep and cattle, but does not usually include the tougher exterior. This means that the material isn’t as enduring as traditional leather, but will have a softer feel to it. In this respect, it becomes more suitable for items of clothing or indeed boots.

Men’s Boots

Boots are footwear designed for both men and women, distinguishable from regular shoes because of their higher sides over the ankle and their elevated heel. They were traditionally designed for practical reasons for use in difficult terrain or in wet weather conditions.

Towards the modern day, boots became accepted more as a fashionable item worn by men. They come in different types, suitable for various purposes and style considerations.

6 Tips on How to Buy Suede Boots

Below are some simple considerations, which can help a buyer make a purchase of suede boots. Remember to complete as much research as possible from different sources, so as to safeguard any transaction online.

1. Managing Their Condition

One misconception some buyers have about suede footwear is that they are easily ruined and thus an unreliable purchase. This needn’t be the case, however, because if proper care is taken over the material then most deterioration can be avoided.

Rainfall is one obvious concern, as it can spoil the suede material and flatten the nap. Look into buying suede protector as a way of minimising this worry. If they become dirty then visit the numerous websites that provide tips of how to clean them; these include using a suede eraser and suede brush.

2. Buy Quality

Suede is less likely to ruin and easier to clean if the quality is higher. Less expensive versions can be easily affected by water or rain and discolour the exterior. The napping effect can be spoiled also, flattening the fibres and reducing their elegant appearance.

One smart way to guarantee a good standard of suede is to buy established brands. Dr. Martens, Hush Puppies, and Timberland all manufacture suede boots in various styles.

3. Style

Look at the different types of boot on the market. These include chukka boots, which are commonly made from suede and come with a conspicuous sole. Chelsea boots also suit the suede finish, and some ugg-boots also can be made from the material.

The colour of the majority of suede shoes will be a shade of brown, beige or black. Numerous other colours are available on the market however if one of these suits your preferred style. Look out for white, blue and even red suede boots too.

4. Get the Sizing Right

As with any purchase of footwear online, the size considerations are perhaps the most important aspect to think about. When using eBay, particular size shoes can be selected which can make a search quicker and easier to perform.

Know exactly which size you are, looking out for half sizes if necessary. Remember to take note of any particular boots from overseas sellers, as size dimensions can differ from Australian ones. One way to counter the chance of this happening is to bring up items listed from an Australian location only.

5. Know How Much to Pay

A preferable budget should also be set before coming to make a purchase. Overspending on a pair of suede boots can be avoided, especially if scouting all the potential options on eBay. However, buying a lesser pair just to save a few dollars can actually end up proving more costly in the long run in order to repair or replace an inadequate purchase.

At the top of the market, some suede boots can be found for over $500 where extremely stylish leather is used to form the exterior. This amount needn’t be spent, however, and many boots can be found for much less, especially if buying on eBay.

For example, looking at any suede boots listed for auction or those pre-owned can mean that some great deals can be found.

6. Where to Buy Suede Boots

Although some consumers prefer to buy from the high street in order to try footwear on beforehand, the potential choice online and eBay in particular is far greater. Reductions in price can also be found as some sellers will look to offload their items as quickly as possible.

Checking out the ‘eBay Deals’ page is another smart ploy that is often missed by some users of the site. This is a subsection of the site where some fantastic deals can be spotted on numerous items. For suede boots, check out the ‘Men’s Footwear’ and then the ‘Men’s Boots’ section.

The next section will look at the ways suede boots can be found on eBay, and then narrowed down in order to suit your requirements.

Buying Suede Boots on eBay

To begin a search on the site, simply enter specific keywords into the search bar located at the top of any eBay page. For example, typing in ‘men’s size 7 suede boots’ will bring up the relevant listings with these words in the title.

Alternatively, to perform a more general search, use the ‘Shop By Category’ function. In the ‘Fashion’ section, select the ‘Men’s Shoes’ category. Here, select the ‘Boots’ link from the left-hand side and then choose ‘Suede’ from under the ‘Materials’ tab.

Here, countless amounts of suede boots will appear from numerous sellers. To distinguish between them, use the refinements menu to quickly select between the desired size, brand and colour of the boots, as well as the condition and price range.

When a suitable pair is found by examining the displayed picture, make sure to read the description of it carefully in terms of the boot size, condition and also postage details. In terms of a seller’s reliability, check out their previous eBay history in terms of any positive/negative comments and their feedback rating.


Suede boots can really complement an outfit, with their smart but relaxed appearance – they can be worn with jeans as easily as a formal suit. Although poor quality suede can sometimes spoil easily, buying a higher quality of leather can maintain a purchase for many years.

Check out different outlets to find the desired pair, but remember to also look on eBay if any deals can be found. Remember to stay safe on the site, reading all the required information about the boots before completing the transaction.

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