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The purpose of this guide is to help people to ensure they dont make the same mistake I did and that was to wait too long for an item to arrive and funnily enough it never did. I was unaware that there were time constraints on lodging a claim for an item that did not arrive both through Ebay and PayPal. NOW I DO! Most experiences on Ebay will be great ones, however just like in any day to day purchase as a customer there is always someone eager to take your money and run. Don't be put off by the thought just be careful! This is one way that I have found to make sure that every experience is a good one. Ebay has good notes about safety with every item for sale. But on the rare occassion that something may go wrong, finding out information too late can leave you with a bad taste and make you loose confidence in buying online. So before you do anything.........do a bit of research. I know that I should have read some of the fine print sooner rather than later but I was too keen. Be aware of the time constraints and procedures when lodging a claim. Don't just keep waiting on the expectation that it wiill arrive eventually. If its not there in the time that the seller has specified, talk to the seller and give them a chance to explain but dont wait too long. This is where it gets a bit tricky. I spoke to the seller on numerous occasions and they said they would send another item to replace the one that had gone missing. REMEBER you only have a 6 week time frame so even if it is only a week late and is still on its way (so you have been told) make sure you do something about it. Start the process of a claim and if the item arrives great you can withdraw the claim and all is good. But if it doesn't arrive you have atleast got time to get everything in place to ensure that your money does not simply get burnt and you will get your money back. So now you know something that I would rather have known about beforehand and hopefully this may help you sometime in the future.
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