6 fascinating facts about perfume?

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* AT IFF's Perfumery School, perfumers get 5 to 7 years of training to hone their craft.

* Your sense of smell is like a muscle--the more you use it, the stronger and more discerning your nose becomes.

* For many years the hot ingredient in perfume was civet, an oil from the sex glands of a particular type of cat.

* One of the best places to put your scent? Gottleib loves dotting it on her temples. That way when someone goes in to kiss her cheek hello, they get a lovely whiff.

* If you're doing a lot of perfume sniffing all at once and need to cleanse your nasal passages between scents, taking a deep sniff of your arm skin (in a spot without perfume, of course) will do the trick.

* Ever notice that scents smell different on different people? Well, perfumers say that's because your body chemistry can "push" certain notes in the fragrance thanks to genetics or what you've been eating.

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New Fav Spot to spray perfume
I've recently started spraying my fragrance on this one particular spot that gives me whiffs of my scent all day long. It's...

...the back of my neck. Formerly a wrist/chest/spray-into-the-air-and-walk-into-it girl, I randomly thought to lift up my hair and go for it. And what I found was not only does my hair pick up the scent slightly, but since that spot gets so freaking hot throughout the day, it keeps releasing the fragrance. I'm just careful to spray it directly on my hair, since the alcohols in perfume can be drying.

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