6 of the Best Wedding Dress Designs

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Choosing a wedding dress is high stakes for most women. After all, looking great on this once-in-a-lifetime day is critical. Fortunately, some wedding dress designs have proven their value repeatedly. These tried-and-true favourites are go-to options for countless brides. Getting to know these popular wedding dress designs while also exploring the best retail options for finding a dress, including bypassing brick-and-mortar vendors and searching on eBay, can help women find the ideal dress for their special day.
The ball-gown

The ball-gown The ultimate princess wedding dress, the ball-gown style features a fitted bodice and a large, full skirt that extends out in a wide circle. According to Bridal Guide magazine, this popular option works well with almost any body type and is the ideal choice for women who do not want to worry about fitting into a body conscious silhouette on that special day. There is decided definition between the bodice and skirt on a ball-gown. In addition, the bodice on a ball-gown often has a sweetheart neckline, although straight necklines also make an appearance on occasion and are a great option for those with large busts.

The mermaid

The mermaid The mermaid is an ideal bridal dress design for the bride who does not mind a bit of va-va-voom while walking down the aisle. This body-con silhouette fits closely at the torso, hips, and thighs, creating a perfect hourglass silhouette. The skirt flares out below the knee much like the fishtail of a mermaid. Tall brides, slender brides, and brides who want to show off their curves look great in this popular dress design.

The A-line

The A-line Another much-loved option is the A-line wedding dress. This dress resembles a modified ball-gown without the large hoop skirt. Instead, the skirt on this wedding gown flows out in a straight line, creating the shape of an "A". The bodice flows organically into the skirt on an A-line. The A-line works well with most body types and can be a good fit for petite brides. Those who want to show a bit more curve at the hip can go in for a modified A-line, which hugs over the hips and does not start to flare out until just below the hips.

The sheath

The sheath Slinky, slim, and sultry, the sheath falls in a straight cascade from top to bottom. This style was popular in the 1920s and 1930s and has had a rise in popularity in the last few years. The sheath wedding dress demands a bride who has nothing to hide, as its narrow silhouette and typically light materials can leave little to the imagination. Sheath dresses often have shoulder strap designs or even sleeves, making this style a good choice for those who want more coverage or support at the top.

The trumpet

The trumpet The trumpet design has a fitted, body-con silhouette along much of the body. It differs from the mermaid style in that the skirt flare on the trumpet happens at mid-thigh and makes a bigger statement. This design, while sassy and bold, puts a lot of focus on the mid-section, particularly the waist and hips.

The tea-length

The tea-length The tea-length dress, ideal for spring and summer brides, has a skirt that ends somewhere below the knee and above the ankle, depending on the design. While this style can come in a number of silhouettes, the most common is an A-Line. This dress is a great choice for brides of any size or shape but is particularly effective for those who are petite. This style is also a great way to tone down the overkill and get a wedding look and feel that is fresh and a bit less formal.

How to buy wedding dresses on eBay

Brides in search of wedding dresses in any popular style have great resources from the sellers on eBay. To find a dress, start by running a keyword search with the search bar available on any page on the site. You can review any dress in detail by clicking on its highlighted title. Narrow your search by typing in the style of dress you prefer. Make sure to ask questions regarding the size and fit of a wedding dress.
Choosing a dress for a wedding day can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of wedding preparations. By getting to know the top styles, you can quickly zero in on a dress that suits you to a tee for your big day.
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